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Meet Charlie – our new to us car

April 28, 2009

Okay, here is the low down, down low, or just the story of how we got this car. Charlie is a gold 2001 Lincoln Continental and she runs like a dream!!! When I got in to test drive her I didn’t have to adjust the seat (I’m 6’0) and that is a huge ++ for me! We have never owned a car from the year 2000 – I told Bear we finally made it to the 21st Century!

So here is a bit of the story:

Bear was in an accident which totaled our Mustang on April 1st. I have been working with the other person’s insurance company since it was 100% their fault. DON’T, and I repeat, Don’t ever get Hartford Insurance – There customer service claims representatives are horrible!

We were finally allowed access to our mustang on April 18th to pick up our stuff. I spoke to the agent on April 10th regarding the mustang and paperwork that we needed to sign. I had asked on April 13th that they send the paperwork to my work address since they were mailing it UPS. They sent it to the wrong address and had to re-mail it on April 20th!

I received a package on April 21st from the Total Loss Claims department regarding my car and that I needed to sign the paperwork and send back. Well, I could not locate the title to the mustang and had to file for a duplicate title. They could send me 1/2 of the settlement but the other half would be held hostage until I get them the title – even though they have already picked up my car. The problem arises when I am notified on April 22nd by the rental company – NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY – that the insurance company has authorized my rental through 4/27/2009! I don’t have a car nor the full settlement! Now, I understand that not having my title has delayed the issue but when I spoke to the adjuster on April 10th regarding the total loss of our vehicle he NEVER mentioned the information I would be required to send in with the signed paperwork. Had they mentioned what I would need I would have had the title by the time they got around to sending me the paperwork. I had to call this guy at every step – he never attempted to keep me in the loop. I received envelopes from him on 4/25/2009 – one was for the total loss of our vehicle and the $ amount they were offering and the other was to advise about the paperwork and the rental! Had I not received the phone call from the rental company, I would not have known about this until Saturday and would not have a vehicle to drive on Monday!

So, here I am with less than 5 days to find a vehicle before we take the rental back. The truck is in the shop with about $1000.00 in much needed repairs so we are not able to use her. So, I call the total claims department back and they overnight me the check to arrive on Friday for 1/2 the settlement – I originally told them I did not want to do that.

So, now I have less than 3 days to secure a car – Found one Thursday and bought it Friday – had to get a (get ready for a VERY bad 4-letter word) Loan and used the 1/2 settlement check as the down payment. We only settled the car portion NOT the personal injury claim. My payments are a little higher than normal but I opted to pay off early and will be looking to significantly reduce the payment with the other portion of the settlement.

Once I get the other half of the car portion of the settlement, I am calling this adjuster’s supervisor and having a nice little chat on customer service relationships and how important it is to keep a customer informed. This guy has dropped the ball through the entire process and blamed his short-comings on everyone on his team but himself.

I’m not sure it will do any good but it will make me feel good to give her feedback on one of her direct reports and how this could have been handled versus how it was handled.

So, now you see why there were no ads and coupon match-ups posted this week! We have been car hunting (didn’t actually sign the deal until Saturday) and logistics on getting the truck to the automotive shop and the rental back to the rental company!

More details on this nightmare of an insurance company as they occur – remember – the car portion is not settled till I have the other 1/2 of the settlement in my hot little hands and we still have to deal with the Personal injury and inconvience – believe me it has been an inconvenience. But then I think, Bear is okay – he was not hurt and then it helps me to know that God was his co-pilot that day and kept him from getting hurt – I thank the Lord everynight for this and our days – they could be worse.


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