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Catch-up on what’s goin on at the Ranch

May 27, 2009

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Holiday Weekend and remembered what Memorial Day was all about by saying a prayer for all our service men and women – past, present and future.

On my way to the barn yesterday I passed a funeral procession for a fallen soldier and saw the flag draped casket in the hearse as it drove by and just cried. Cried like a baby and Cowgirls don’t cry but this made my heart hurt so bad to see that flag draped casket. I felt real pain in my heart for the soldier’s family and friends and could not imagine what they were going through but I somehow felt it in my heart. I prayed hard for them and asked the Lord to please end it and bring our children, parents, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nephews, Cousins, and friends home.

My son, Justin, has done one tour in Iraq and is now safely back home. I prayed every night for the Lord to keep him safe. I hope and pray that he does not have to go back.

We had a new colt born at the barn Monday evening (I’ll post pictures later) – I have been anxiously waiting for Jackie to have this baby. He is a ½ brother to Punk 2 – JT.
We are excited because he is a cremello with blue eyes! He is sooo cute. You just want to go in and hold them they are so cute but you want to give Mom and Son some space to make a bond.

Cody will be having a behavior modification process on Saturday. I’ve been saving for it but didn’t think the Vet would be able to come out so soon. He made the decision for us when he tried to bite me while I reached for his halter. Bear and I discussed this and believe this will make Cody more enjoyable to be around. Right now he is an adolescent boy going through puberty! Truly, I can’t wait because for the most part he is so laid back and easy to handle until the girls get him going then look out – he thinks with something other than the brain! This may help with his fear of people other than Bear and myself and make him easier to handle by others.

I have a little green pepper on one of my plants! I will post the picture when I can find my camera – I think I left it in the car. I am so excited – it was just two weeks ago that we planted the tomatos and peppers and now I have my first green bell pepper!

I picked up the paperwork on our car to get it tagged, titled, and pay the taxes on it and to my horror miscalculated the tax. It went from $600 – $800 dollars just because I left off $1454.00 – I thought it was calculated based on amount financed not the amount the car was offered at! Big difference – but because of the money saved from the couch and the money I had saved we are okay – just a little frugal coma over $200.00.

I’m trying to restructure our Budget to incorporate the new to us car and the payment that comes with it and the full-coverage insurance that has to go with the new to us car and car payment! I love the new to us car all up until I have to make the car payment. Made the first one on May 2nd and cried the entire time I wrote the check out. I’ll be crying monthly for a while. Bear and I are going to sit down this weekend and figure out the budget and where we can trim more off – I think we can on the groceries/incidentals and I am going to start bringing my lunch everyday and not stopping in the café for breakfast as much. It is a hard habit that I am going to break and each time I don’t go into the café I will move that money right into savings each week!

Good news is that I have another dog that I will be working privately with and that will be an extra $150 – $260.00 per month for a few days as I work with them bi-weekly. I like working with people and their dogs. My specialty is behavior modifications – I like working on the basic commands and advanced work but really like working on behavior modifications. Most of the time it is modifying the owners rather than the dogs – the owners shape the dogs behavior and if you have a little smarty pants dog that figures out that certain behaviors get rewarded then it becomes an issue.

We will be doing some Spring/summer cleaning of the trailer – I am going through our tack to see if there are items that I can take to the auction. I need to make some room in the trailer and get it ready for the first show in June.

Bear and I will be taking inventory of what we have in our freezer that we need to eat – we need to cut down on the number of times we have eaten out because it was convenient.

Bear received a clean bill of health from the Doctor regarding the injury – his shoulder and neck still ache and the Doctor stated that it will for a while as his muscles took a good hit. His eyes where he has “itched” them (he has almost rubbed one eyebrow off) are getting better. He had an allergic reaction to the dust from the airbags. Doctor prescribed 1% hydrocortisone (we had it in our Emergency First aid kit – you have one don’t you?). We need to contact the insurance company so we can settle on the personal injury/inconvenience portion of the claim.

Well, gotta run – just wanted to update you on what is goin’ on at the Ranch over the Holiday! We didn’t do any shopping this week – I am on a shopping freeze for remainder of the month.


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