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Coupons, Coupons and more Coupons!

May 14, 2009

I’m just jumpin’ up and down inside right now! I just scoped out how many inserts will be in this Sunday’s paper – are you ready? Seriously, you need to sit down for this one!

FOUR – 4 – Quatro!
Woop there it is! 4 inserts will be in this Sunday’s paper! I’m still trying to control myself!! I’ll pick one up on Saturday evening and try and get some deals posted ahead of time.
See, I was so far behind I thought I was ahead but now that I’m back on the lead lap – I can now see the tail end of the lead lap and I’m working my way back up to the lead! Can you tell I’m a HUGE NASCAR Fan – GO JUNIOR – and yes I think he needs a new pit crew all together to shake things up! JUNIOR can drive – he just needs to get in a car that is competitive and a crew chief that can tell him how the cow ate the cabbage sometimes – I think Tony being his cousin and all is too close and doesn’t want to hurt Jr’s feelings. – Another story all together.
Anyway – grab the paper and get your Coupons and get ready for the deals that are sure to come our way with that many inserts!

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