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Gardening – minimalist style!

May 21, 2009

I say minimalist style because we have chosen to start relatively small and as we get better our garden will get bigger and better.

Margie told Bear and I that it was okay to plant some tomato plants and peppers at the barn. I would do it at home but I have a feeling they would be watered by something other than water if you know what I mean!

Saturday morning we stopped at a retail garden and flower store and picked up 8 tomato plants (4 different kinds) and 4 pepper plants (2 red and 2 yellow). I was getting excited to be able to have a garden – a small one but a garden no less.

When we got to the barn we scoped out our location and began getting it squared away. A landscape service had just dumped a fresh load of rich black topsoil with huge night crawler worms – good for the garden! We put together a small 6 x 6 square using hay bales and some landscape rock – I’m hoping to keep the geese out of my area! We then laid down 6 brown paper feed bags (weed control) that will eventually compost into the
Garden. Bear filled the area with the blackest topsoil and then turned in some compost (we have plenty of natural compost fertilizer). The topsoil was a little wet so we decided to wait until Sunday to plant the plants. We have a hose for watering and Bear is going to get me a watering can.

Here is our garden as we worked on it.
It looks smaller than it really is in the picture.
When Sunday rolled around, Bear worked up the soil one last time and then we laid out the plants – I may have them a little close but we will see. I am going to get the Tomato cages for them next week.

The tomato plants I got were:

German Johnson Heirloom
Roma (mmmm salsa and Italian sauce!)

The pepper plants I got were:
2 Red sweet bell
2 Yellow sweet bell

Here is our garden and my beloved Bear after planting.

I know it doesn’t look like much but the only thing we were out of pocket was our plants which was $12.00 or so. I can’t find my receipt.

What do you think and do you garden, if so, please share your experiences!


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