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Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple – Weekly Recap

May 15, 2009

Friday, I thought it would never get here!

Today is the day we recap our week of what we did frugal/simple over at Jennifer’s blog Getting Ahead.

Here is what Bear and I did to be more Frugal/Simple on the Ranch:

Bear took his lunch all week.
I tried and am getting better at taking my lunch and next week will target all 5 days!

Cashed in my Swagbucks for more Amazon.com certificates – my balance is now up to $55.00! I just won $5.00 in Swagbucks this morning for using the search engine to find a website! BAM! (stole it from emeril) it was that easy!

Cashed in my Opinion Outpost points for Amazon.com certificates – just another way of getting my Amazon.com balance up even more. My goal is to get the Rachel Ray Cookware Set!

Completed my Omolene University modules to receive additional $$ off coupons for horse feed – believe me – $$ off horse feed coupons are like Gold and don’t come around too often! We now have about $170.00 in feed coupons. The two girls that I trade riding lessons with both participate in this program and give me their coupons which helps!

Organized my coupon book and only have two more inserts to go through – I need to hurry because there will be 4 in this weeks Sunday Paper. Printed some coupons from the Kraft promotions.

Signed up for some Freebies & High Dollar coupons – Purina Beggin’ Strips, Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth, Kellogg’s Promise Pak

Signed up for my Free Chocolate from Mars – Every Friday through September they are giving away 250,000 coupons for free candy bars – this Friday (15) they upped the giveaway to 500,000!

Re-claimed 3 leather travel portfolios that were being thrown out at work because they had an old generation company insignia and name. These will work perfect to store our insurance, registration, and inspection information in one place in the glove box of each vehicle. I’m giving the third one to my friend Margie – she likes things like that! We trade coupons all the time and swap deals we find. She is the best negotiator I have ever seen and can find deals like no one else! They had Free on them and that is my favorite
Frugal 4-letter word!

Will be planting tomato plants tomorrow AM (or Sunday depending on weather) in old hay bales that have become moldy and we can’t feed to the horses. My MIL Katheryn, Hi Katheryn, told me a secret to planting them if you have hard ground or not able to dig. Make two holes in the bale (each bale can hold one to two plants) and place your tomato plant in the hole and use a compost/potting soil mix to fill the hole. This now becomes your planting bed. I will have not problem with this because we have all we need – compost ( we have the gold standard in garden compost here on the ranch!), Hay bales, a little dirt and we have tomato plants. Margie says she will keep them watered for me during the week that I am not able to make it to the barn and we will share the “fruits” of our labor (no pun intended). I plan on doing a couple of bell pepper plants this way too!
I am also going to get a couple of topsy turvy tomato plants to hang. Margie also told me I could get a couple of Turkey’s if I wanted to (she wants them to)! I used to have a couple of Turkey’s when we were in OK. We already have the Ducks, Chickens, and Geese.

Working on my Budget re-cap and May’s budget – believe me it is not good because of the Car Fiasco. Because we had to get a car w/payment and my insurance went up (not much but still) I am having to make some re-arrangements on things. I am hoping that I will have the new budget done soon. I know that we were okay on the groceries because I just flat out didn’t go. I think my total expenses for groceries and such for April was like $25.00 for the month.

Gathered up our Aluminum Cans for recycling – We usually do this about once every 3 months. I just found out that my cans of dog food & vegetable cans are also accepted at the recycling center! Bear is just rolling his eyes but every little bit helps you know?
Benjamin Franklin says it all: “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” – same holds for building a great ship – small savings overtime add.

Went to the consignment area (East meets West) in our tack shop (most people go to clothes consignment shops – we go to tack) and was able to pick up an almost brand new set of boots for JT front and back – these normally retail for around $140.00 new – Each set one front and one Back was $10.00 each! They were a little dingy but in great shape. I thoroughly looked over each boot and the stitching, the Velcro areas, and was delighted to find they were in great shape. This just saved us a TON of money that can now be routed back to the horse fund. He needs these boots as we begin to lunge him to protect his legs. Best of all they will fit more than just him!!! We were also able to pick up a nice used but looks brand new girth for one of our saddles that we just got at the auction a while back for $20.00. These normally retail for around $50-60.00 dollars. I just kept looking – we have been looking for the boots for several weeks now as I just knew we would find something and not have to pay retail.

Started to organize my paperwork, bills, and filing papers that we truly need to keep and purging everything else. Now that the truck is fixed we will be able to start hauling items to the dump if I can’t recycle it into another use or craiglist/freecycle it! I am shredding all of our papers and bagging it to take to the animal rescue sites along with a free bag of cat food. Even if you don’t have a cat (which we don’t) doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for free coupons and such – I give the cat stuff to the rescues as a donation.

Bear and I put up our second shelf for our stockpile and we will be going to the lumber pile at the barn to see if we can find some thin board to cut for my wire shelves so that cans and such don’t tip. I’m trying to get this area more organized and we can see at a glance what we have and what we need to start stockpiling again.

Filled out a rebate form for a free T-shirt from Carhartt – We were shopping in our local Rural King Supply Store for fencing items and Bear always checks out the clearance clothes rack in the men’s department (I am normally hitting the clearance isle for canines and equines) and found a pair of Carhartt Jeans regular price $29.99 down to $8.00! Nothing wrong with these jeans and in addition there was a promo going on that if you purchased up to three pairs of jean (could only find the 1 pair) you would receive their new T-shirt (reg. 19.99) for free by mail! I asked if these jeans qualified for the purchase and they said yes, I scanned very carefully the wording on the rebate form and it stated ANY pair of Carhartt Jeans. So, for $8.00, Bear is getting a new T-shirt as well as the nice pair of jeans. They really look good on him and he has such a cute little booty – Oh, if he reads this am I in trouble – but I’m just telling it like I see it! They look very nice but we will not pay $19.99 for a t-shirt! But I will pay $8.00 for a $29.99 pair of Carhartt jeans with a rebate for a free T-shirt!

Trying to workout the schedule for the dumpster – wanting to use the holiday weekend if possible!

Weeding through my tack (Oh, man is this hard – I hate giving up anything!) to take to the Auction Saturday – I have a few headstalls and bits that I won’t use and would rather just get them moved out for someone else to use! I love the auctions but I see so many people getting caught up in the bidding that they overlook the fact that they just paid $30.00 over a new price! I always try to do the best look over I can on all items prior to the auction and note the lot number and how much I believe I would be willing to pay for the item. I refuse to go over that amount at all – no matter how hard they try to force me back into the bidding. I am never the first to move in either, I wait to see if there is someone running the bid up and if so, I hold tight to my money and wait for the next item. I bought a beautiful bridle for Kit – it has Heart shaped conchos on it across the brow and down the cheek. Very pretty and will look very nice on her – this lady next to me out bid me on the bridle with the crosses that had a purple inlay. She paid $10.00 more than I was willing to pay for the bridle – funny thing is – I got the heart one for $20.00 less than what she paid for hers and $10.00 less than what I was actually willing to pay for the bridle. She then wanted to know if I would like to trade with her as she liked mine better – Nope – I kept the hearts. I am going to hall that hulk of a saddle that James wanted me to buy that is way to heavy – he likes it but I told him that I think we can do better. I’m cleaning it up tomorrow so that it looks better than it did when I purchased it – it’s just a bit too heavy for what I want it for – I thought about ebay but I just don’t want to have to pack it and then haul it up to the post office – it’s a bit easier at the auction.

Okay, I’m back on track for trying to be more frugal and live simple – what have you done this past week to save money, live simple or be more frugal.


One Response to Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple – Weekly Recap

  1. Jennifer on May 15, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    wow, you have been busy! Productive though,which is the best.

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