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Goin’ to the Auction

May 20, 2009

Well, Saturday dawned bright and early for Bear and I as we wanted to get a jump start on the day. We were up at 6:30 AM (ON A SATURDAY!) and went to Soulard Market – I love Soulard Market with all the hustle and bustle of local vegetable stands and different types of meat stands. It is an awesome place to people watch! We picked up $3.00 worth of Carrots and I got a Cucumber (I slice it up and put it in my pickle container when it gets low on pickles – couple a days and they are great treats). That is about all we had time for – I’m going back next week.

We got to the barn and fed the horses and made sure everyone had hay, water, and feed along with a couple of carrots. I tell you what, Kit can hear a plastic sack rattle from a mile away and will start talking to me because she knows I have something for her!

Once we had the horses fed we hopped in the car to go and and pick up 100 lbs of corn for the boys outside and stop by this retail flower / garden shop. I had picked up a couple of the prettiest Orange Begonia’s which Bear hung on the Barn for me. They are beautiful. I wanted to pick up some tomato plants and bell pepper plants. I’ll discuss in a separate post.

Once back at the barn, I called Margie and she advised she wasn’t ready yet but we could try and get the two yearlings (wild) separated and hook up the truck and trailer. We hooked up the truck and trailer and then backed it over by the run we would use to move the two colts into. I moved Loonie and her baby over into a middle turn-out to get them out of the way and then I opened some gates in the shed row and made an alley. I then moved all the horses into the run and closed the door. I let them settle for about 10 minutes and then told Bear to move inside the shed row and as I picked through the two that were to stay he could work the gate. Within a couple of minutes we had the babies separated and we again allowed them time to settle and calm down. Meanwhile, we assessed the gate and the trailer situation and determined that Bear needed to move the trailer up a bit so that we could get the gate open enough to make that big noisy trailer look enticing. After getting this set up, I told Bear since he was a bit quicker on the gate that I would start pushing the colts forward and once in the trailer he could shut the gate and we would have them. I began to move the horses up to the trailer and you would think that a 6’0 tall person with an Arm Extender( also known as a Whip – not to hit just to use as an extension to my arm) would be more imposing than a 5 lb Jack Russel Terror!

Boy was I wrong on that assumption! Annie thought she should step in and run them back the other way (over me!) I jumped out of the way, yelled at Annie to “git” and tried again – and Annie did it again! This time I slapped the arm extension down behind her and told her to “Get the *&^^*(_)_& on down the road I did not need help!”. Bear told me to let him try and I gladly handed over my arm extension and stepped behind the gate. Without Annie’s help the colts loaded in about 3 minutes of just letting them stand by the trailer and putting mild pressure on them. They jumped right in! We got them loaded up and moved Loonie and Baby back into the barn and the other two colts back in their section of the barn and pasture. Nice and Easy Lemon Squeezie!

I called Margie and asked her if she was ready and she said she was just about ready and would come help us load the babies and I told her no need they were on the trailer ready to go! She asked us how we did it and I told her that we were the new horse whisperers in town! She was pleased as punch that this was done.

Now, off we go to the Auction – I just new I was had when I walked in to all those saddles, bridles, and bits (had not had time to go through our tack we will be going June 6th and hope to take this with us)!

Bear and I finally agreed on a Saddle – we got it and will have it cleaned up and then turn it around on Ebay or to an individual for a profit which will go right back into the horse fund. I also got several fly blankets for the boys and masks, a bit, and a new surcingle that is AWESOME. I can’t wait to try it on my horses and start Cody in it – Cody is in for a behavior modification as he is being scheduled for castration – he tried to bite me while feeding and after an education on how that is a huge no-no in our barn his attitude changed a bit. However, just to reinforce this, we turned him out in the general population (Banks, Pete, and Zeke) for some re-education on how to act. I post about Mr. Caliente Cody and how he won’t be so hot to trot later next week.

Then the horses went through the auction – they had cute ones, pretty ones, beautiful ones – there is never an ugly horse – they are all God’s creatures and should be treated that way. Sometimes my heart is broken as I see these guys go through that are so skinny! I wish I could take them all home with me but that is not reality. I only hope that they go to a good home whoever buys them. I really wanted a Palomino mare that went through but common sense kicked in and I, thank the Lord, was out bid! Margie liked the mare to and kept trying to get me to bid on her again but my gut told me to stop – always trust your gut.

We finally made it back home at 1:20AM in the morning!! That Bed looked and felt so good – I don’t remember laying my head down or anything until the next morning when Wyatt had his face next to mine letting me know it was wake-up and let me know it was time to go out and you know what.

Do you go to Auctions and if you do what kind of auctions do you go to?


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