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I am Back – I promise!

May 7, 2009

Okay, I know I have been MIA lately – I promise this time I am back!

Friday I was taking Charlie (the new to us car) in for emissions testing, plus running some additional errands on my day off when lo’ and behold the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on in glaring yellow letters! Starin’ right at me on the dashboard! Well, I just whipped her right into the Firestone and asked that in addition to the Emissions test that they pull the code on the car and fix the problem. After getting the approval to work on the car (under warranty) they fixed her right up but then I had to return on Monday to do the Emissions because they cleared the codes she wouldn’t pass the emissions. Fine by me – I just wanted my car fixed! It was a fouled plug on the #7 cylinder and the coil wire. I love our new car!

I have been battling with CitiFinancial for a piece of paper showing that my loan has been paid off for two weeks now. I was guaranteed on Thursday last week that they would overnight the document to me since they messed up and mailed the document to the wrong address! Guess What – I’ll give you 3 and the first 2 don’t count. It did not happen! So then I was on the phone on Monday with FIVE different people – I tell you that Customer Service has Gone to the Birds at most companies. The 5th person I spoke with was able to do what all the other representatives previous to him, including two supervisors were unable to do – FAX ME THE PAPER! I gave him two options – 1. fax me within the hour my lien release (car has been paid off since 12/2003) OR 2. Talk to my attorney and pay my attorney fees to get a damn piece of paper. Guess what I got within the hour? Yep, the Lien Release in all its Glory – Now I can put in the paperwork to get our other 1/2 of the total loss settlement on the car!

In addition to battling for this, I got Hellanore out of the shop ($1419.00) and took her to Sears to get her aligned on Saturday – Now bear in mind that our mechanic (who is AWESOME!) went through the whole front end and fixed everything that needed to be fixed not to mention a complete new brake job in the back – Sears tells me that my upper ball joints are bad and need to be replaced before I can get her aligned. I asked the guy for S**ts and Grins just tell me how much that was going to cost me and he quoted me $459.00! I said that was interesting that he would say that when my mechanic has already gone through the front – end and had not mentioned this fact and I assured him that my mechanic would have fixed it if it indeed needed to be replaced. I told him, through gritted teeth, to pull the truck off the rack and I would call my mechanic. Hellanore is going back to the shop on Friday AM and he will take it to his guy and if his guy deems that they have too much play and need replacing we will replace them. When we left the store I was so angry – I felt he was taking advantage of the situation considering Bear did not go in with me and he did not know that I was with someone – it felt like since I was a woman he could intimidate me into the repairs. Nada gonna happen here – Thank you Daddy for making me learn how to work on a vehicle and do repairs – for if it not for my Daddy and Bear and our relationship with Jeff and Gary I would have just had it done!

I don’t want to preach here but with the chain stores giving you an estimate it is imperative that you get a second opinion and possibly a third if it is a major repair. The work that I had done on Hellanore would have cost me 3X if taken to a dealer or chain store. We are fortunate because we have been working with this same shop – QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE – St. Louis MO – for 12 years. If it is something that Bear can do he will do it but if he can’t or time is an issue then we rely on Jeff and Gary at Quality for Superior work! It is worth your bottomline to do due dilligence on $$$$ costs for repairs to a vehicle.

After getting back to work after two days off I’ve been playing catch-up! I have some AWESOME deals to post later and tomorrow and this weekend!

As Blake Shelton Sings – Stay Tuned this could be good!


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