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Last Day of May

May 31, 2009

Well, today has finally showed up and it finds me typing this at our favorite bookstore as we take a break from the heat at the barn. Bear and I are pretty strange when it comes to entertainment – we spend quality time at the bookstore – he loves to read magazines and books and we can chill for a couple of hours.

I am looking forward to June and will post our budget in a separate post – now remember, I hold the right to modify this as we go!

We went by a friend of ours house today – Hi Joe! He is just the neatest guy you would ever meet. He has converted all of his vehicle over to run vegetable oil! Not bio-diesel but straight vegetable oil! He has set up a system at his house where he processes the vegetable oil and then has a fueling station right there at his house! He is so smart and resourceful! Bear and I are saving our money to get a truck to convert! He has a deal with several of the local restaurants to pick up their oil – if he is able to pick it up in bulk then it costs him .11 cents/gallon or if he picks up the oil in five gallon containers then it is about .30/gallon. I asked him about his mileage and he is only giving up about 1 – 1.5 miles per gallon using vegetable oil versus diesel. He is just so resourceful and I love to go over to his house to find out what he is doing next!

We ran by the flea market to pick up a bottle of skin so soft for the barn – my legs seem to be the meal of choice for the fly whose bite is like someone jabbing you with a hypodermic needle! They are so painful.

We were at the barn all day as I had several things all mapped out for the day and only one thing went as planned. I tell you, I am not planning weekends anymore! My shoer, bless his heart, had truck problems (like caught on fire going down the highway) and could not get a rental so we are now getting Kits new Nikes on Monday. The vet was due out to give Cody his behavior modification procedure but lo’behold he got swamped with a couple of emergencies and had to reschedule. Problem is that I don’t want to wait too long as it will be too hot for him and that would not be fair. I’m hoping we can get him done in the next couple of weeks.

I go for my first therapy session tomorrow on my achilles tendon. I’ve been wearing the heel lift and I haven’t noticed a huge difference. My appointment is at 8AM and then after that I have to run to the barn to meet Jeremiah (Kit’s shoer). Kit is special – she has corrective shoeing that costs $150.00 and then $135.00 there after – but she is worth it and she is so much more comfortable that I can forgo the morning latte’s to save for her shoeing bill.

I just picked up another dog training client so this will add to our animal emergency fund $260.00 per month. I am hoping that I can use some of this to re-build our front porch at the house.

Well, gotta run and put the finishing touches on our budget!

Check back later and see our peppers that are starting to grow and Joe just gave me 10 more ‘mater plants! I’m going to be elbow high in tomatos this year! Hmmm…..maybe a little tomato stand might have to take place!


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