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Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple

June 5, 2009

It’s Friday and I am sooooo happy to be off for the weekend!
Today is the day we recap our week of what we did frugal/simple over at Jennifer’s blog Getting Ahead and Life as a Mom’s blog. Here is what Bear and I did to be more Frugal/Simple on the Ranch:Bear took his lunch all week. God Love him – he is so good at this and I am trying to be just like him. I took 2 out of 4 days this week.

We settled Bear’s bodily injury portion of the car accident. It is so hard to put a $ figure on pain but rest assured the insurance agencies can do it! If any of you have The Harford for an insurance company you have my sympathies – if they are servicing you to your satisfaction then I am happy for you but the service and respect that we received was far from respectable. The $$ we receive will go directly into our Emergency Fund.

I did a private dog teaching session yesterday and received $65.00 – that will go into our Animal Emergency Fund. I have one scheduled for next Friday as well. I have one ever week – one week it is with Manny and one week with Kieko. They are so funny and I just love working with the owners and their dogs and teaching the owners how to “listen” to their canine family members.

We gave a young boy a ride on Pete and made $25.00 – Went into the Animal Emergency Fund.

Cody is still having some behavior problems as the vet was not able to make it out to give him the behavior modification process he so desperately needs. He has discovered GIRLS! He sounds like his father when Pi talks to the girls – it’s funny but it’s not because he really needs to have this process so that he enjoys life more and we can enjoy Cody more! So, we didn’t have to spend the $200.00 – I have it saved but we got to keep it a little longer in the Animal Fund!

Scheduled the Dumpster for July 1st (James is taking the 2nd and the 6th off since they will be off the 3rd for 4th of July holiday. He will have three more days of vacation – I try and see where we can give him 2-3 weeks of vacation using only one week that he gets by putting them around a company holiday. I do this to maximize my vacation time as well. We plan on having the dumpster through the 13th – that will give us an extra weekend as well. I applied for the Dumpster permit and will need to pick it up next Friday and take it to the Police Department so they have it on file and pick up the signs. I can place them out 24 hours prior to the Dumpster coming in. I’m getting excited about getting the garage cleared. Remember, our garage collapsed from the April 18, 2008 earthquake that we had and insurance did not cover the garage because we did not have earthquake insurance. Lesson learned – and will work to get earthquake insurance later this year.

Received a survey on the bottom of my Sonic Receipt (Sonic has a happy hour from 2-4pm and all drinks are ½ price). If I take the survey I will receive a code to put on my receipt for a free 44 oz drink of my choice – well, I know what I am getting – the Mango Limeade is out of this world it is just sooooo goooood! I’m getting one tonight for FREE!

Our vegetable garden is off to a great start – we now have peppers about the size of a very small new potato! I got the red and yellow (not fond of the green ones) and can’t wait to make some Stuffed Peppers and grill some good ole ka’bobs! The tomato plants are coming right along and have some little flowers on them so I am looking forward to seeing some tomato buds real soon!

I have weeded through our tack and we will be going to the auction tomorrow to run it through – I will be praying for strength not to bid on anything (I am going to sit on my hands).

Just finished our Budget this week and got it posted – I do reserve the right to finagle since we added a new car payment to the mix and upped our insurance premium because of full coverage on the new to us car (Charlie).
I am weeding out our cabinets under the sink and freecycling the pots and pans we do not need anymore. I’ve got my eyes on a new set of Rachel Rays pots and pans from Amazon using the credit I get through Swagbucks! I’m up to $55.00 and now Opinion Outpost is using them – instead of trading points for cash you can trade points for Amazon credit!


3 Responses to Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple

  1. Lisa on June 5, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love meeting fellow STL couponers! I am so jealous that you already have peppers coming in, maybe I planted my plant too late, who knows!
    Looks like you had a great week, good luck on bringing the lunch!!

  2. Nancy on June 5, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    Hi Lisa, It's great to find fellow bloggers within the same city! We planted our Peppers the week after Mothers Day. I can't wait to start "reaping what we sowed"! Good luck and Thank you for visitin' the Ranch – hope you can come back across the blog range and visit us again – door is always open!

  3. ~Sara on June 6, 2009 at 2:54 am

    Hi Nancy!
    I too can not wait to start eating out of our garden! It will be so nice not to have to buy any produce at the store!

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