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Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple

June 26, 2009

Getting Ahead Frugal and Simple – that is the name of the game!

It’s Friday and I believe this has been the longest week.

I think it was because of the Sunday road trip home from OK! East bound and down – we showed those truckers how to get on down the road – LINCOLN STYLE!

Today is the day we recap our week of what we did frugal/simple over at
Jennifer’s blog Getting Ahead and Life as a Mom’s blog.

Here is what Bear and I did to be more Frugal/Simple on the Ranch:

Bear took his lunch all week. God Love him – he is so good at this and I am trying to be just like him. I will be working on this after our shopping trip.

I sorted and am in the process of re-organizing my coupon book.

Put together the best transactions for Wal-mart and Walgreens.

Filled a prescription at K-mart using a coupon they mailed me and
Received a Gift Card for $20.00 – will hold the card until the Double coupon
Days come back to Kmart.

Looked over a special deal from Electric Orange Checking (we already have the savings) where if you open a checking account and fund it and use your card 3 times in 45 days on the 50th day they will credit your account with $25.00! I believe I will be opening up this account real soon.

Received my coupons for more Horse Feed (THANK YOU PURINA!) – The boys have been so sick with the Strangles virus and have lost a TON of weight and now that they are feeling better and back to eating we are feeding 2 x per day and using Equine Senior to help pick up the weight – this will cost us a fortune had it not been for the coupons!

Received and signed up for another Free Chocolate bar from Hershey’s – I have three of these coupons now – it is so easy to just sign up and get a coupon for free candy! It’s Free Candy every Friday through September to the first 250,000!

Printed off some really good coupons from Coupons.com to help with our shopping list for this weekend.

And in keeping with Life as a Mom’s Blog on Decluttering:
Ordered the Dumpster and picked up the permit (cost $30.00) – we are saving a lot of money by doing the demolition ourselves and we have friends and family who will be helping. Pray that next week the heat wave gets pushed out and we get some nice


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