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Goin’ Home for a Visit

June 18, 2009

Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…….

Yep, we will be headin’ out on Friday about noonthirty on our way to Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

All Bear can talk about is the creek, Braum’s Cherry Pecan Shake, and Goldies Hamburgers. That is all he has talked about since we decided to go. My Dad is getting a travel trailer for us to stay in so it won’t cost us an arm and a leg. We have to stay in a hotel most times becaus of the dogs.

I’m secretly hoping to go fishin’ with my Dad and just relax – not running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make sure we make the rounds. This time my stance is the following:

We drove 6.5 hours to get here, if you want to see us you can either meet us at the Crick (creek), Braums, Goldies, or my Dad’s but I’m not going to drive all over hell and highwater. Our visit will be short so Quality over quantity is what my goal is for the visit.

I got Charlie (our new to us car – see her post here) serviced yesterday – that was $295.45 out of our budget but it needed to be done – Jeff at Quality went over her with a fine tooth comb and tuned her up so she is good to go for the long haul. It needed to be done and it was on my goals for this year – just moved it up a couple of months early.

I’m taking off Thursday at noon for the horse shoer(s) – yes, I have two – one for Kit my special K girl needs corrective shoeing and one for the rest of the herd. Kylie and Alyssa will be coming out to go over the feeding program with me for Saturday and Sunday. I’m paying them $20.00 each to feed for me. Kylie feeds for us on Tuesday and Thursday AM and this will be Alyssa’s time to go solo on feeding.

James will be getting off on Friday at Noonthirty so I will pick him up with Charlie loaded and ready to go. I’m giving both boys some rescue remedy before the trip. Wyatt will not Hooch my arm rest like he did the rental car a few years ago on a trip down to OK! Here is what happened.

I wanted to rent a car to go down to OK as I had a really good coupon and the gas mileage would be better and it would be roomier because of Wyatt. Well, we are about 3.5 hours into the trip when I realize that Wyatt is very quiet. I turn around to see Wyatt stretched out having a field day on the back seat armrest! He has chewed a hole in the armrest and is working on making it even bigger. I about had a cow right there in the car. I was so mad at him and let him know it!

So, I am prepared this time because I am putting pillows on either door so he can’t Hooch the car door! I should have named him Hooch as much as he likes to chew and tear things up. If a tupperware container is missing from the Kitchen sink – rest assured, it is now hidden under his bed upstairs in the bedroom. He will sneak into the kitchen, pilfer a dirty tupperware lunch container and quietly go upstairs and have a snack. After dining on ill-gotten gains he will then hide the evidence under his own bed and act like he is crushed when I call him out on what he has done!

Maestro, on the other hand, will curl up under the front seat under Bear’s leg by the door and goes to sleep. The only noise you hear from him is his snoring – if it gets too loud we have to wake him up otherwise he’ll sleep till we take a potty break.

I plan on packing our lunch and drinks on the way down to save more money so that we have very little out of pocket expenses while we are down visiting.

I’ll worry about my horses, especially the boys while I’m gone since they have been sick. Yesterday Bear said that Zeke seemed to be feeling better as he nickered to him when he went to feed and he was eating better. Please pray for my boys to get over this and that all the other horses at the barn have speedy recoveries. Looks like one of the babies is now coming down with it. There is a guy at the barn, you know the kind that do not have a lick of sense God gave a goose? Well, we have repeatedly told him to not handle or pet the horses that are sick and then go pet the horses that are not sick because he is cross-contaminating everything in the barn. He did not listen and I believe that is probably where Bolt (the colt) picked up the bacteria and became sick. I’m just waiting for his little mini to get sick and then I’m going to explain to him why his mini got sick and it had nothing to do with the main barn but his stupid A** not listening to people who are on the down low!

Okay, I digressed and now I’m back on to the OK road trip again.

It will be good to get back home and if I could get out from under the house here in STL and get something there in OK, Bear and I would move in a heartbeat. We sure miss being home and I miss being able to walk out the back door and have my horses right there. If you have horses and your own place you are very lucky and I will have that someday – I just have to keep reminding myself that it will come someday. That is why I am saving every cent I can right now so when (notice I didn’t say if) we do move back home we will have enough $$ to do it right.

Well, gotta run – it’s early early in the AM and I’m getting ready for work – getting off at noon with alot of things to do!

I’ll post pics of OK – as we take them – Stay tuned – as Blake Shelton’s song comes to mind – This could be Good!


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