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My boys are sick and much more!

June 15, 2009

Well, my boys are sick – I had my suspicions when I first saw Pete with a little booger nose but it wasn’t until Bear said Zeke has a raw spot rubbed under his “chin” that I told him the halter didn’t do that it’s strangles! I told him that those raw spots would be opening up soon – well, next day they opened up and then he goes on to tell me that Zeke’s have opened and Banks has swelling under his jaw! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I am just, for lack of a better term, sick over my boys being sick! This is very contagious and we believe that they got it from Cody when we put him out with them for a couple of days BEFORE I knew that their was a horse with Strangles in the barn! I think Cody had already had it and fingers crossed that JT is not affected. It will be another two weeks before we are done with it going the round in the turn out. It will be real fun trying to disenfect the turnout! This Bug is sure making the rounds – we had stopped by a friend of ours who just got a horse out of OK and it had Strangles. Another barn across the way from us had a colt that came down with it as well. The icky part is that -watch out, I’m warning you now if you have a quesy tummy skip to the next paragraph – when the nodules break open that you have to keep the area clean and draining so that they can get it ALL drained out – you don’t want it crusting up and it not drain because then it starts an even uglier process! To top it all off it is very contagious so we have to disinfect ourselves after handling the boys. Poor guys, they probably feel like I don’t love them because I go say hi to them but won’t love on them. I told them when it was all done that I would make them Pop-0at balls (like popcorn balls but made with grain)

Bear and I went to the Bookstore yesterday for some quiet time and just got sat down and my coupon book opened when my phone rings. It was April asking me how soon I could get to the barn because the Vet was on his way to give Cody his Behavior modification – (castration). So, we hurried up and ran back to the barn in time to get the other horses up when Dr. Lesch shows up. Cody has no clue what is about to happen but he senses that I am nervous and he becomes a little agitated. Bear takes the lead rope and I leave while Gene helps Bear and Dr. Lesch to give Cody a sedative to calm him down and then the anesthetic to knock him down. Once they give him the shot and he goes down Dr. Lesch goes to work – we left him a stud a bit longer than I normally would because of one testical not descending but earlier this spring it finally decided to drop. Poor Cody, I felt sorry for him but I didn’t because this will allow him to lead a more social life with other horses and make him more fun to be around.

Have you ever been around a 1200 lb stallion that has one thing on his mind and that is it? NOT FUN!

Anyway, procedure is now over and the waiting for him to wake up begins. It takes about 20-30 minutes before he stands up. Still drunk and wobbly but standing. This is where it’s funny but it’s not. He was sore that’s a given but I’ve now dubbed him Drama King (Kit holds the title for Drama Queen). He tries to walk without moving his back legs and gets himself stretched out like a gaited horse and then can’t figure out how get out of the predicament he is in. He finally decides to move one back leg about 2 inches and then the other – this continues for a few minutes – up until he sees his girlfriend who he is enamored with at the gate. He decides he isn’t hurting that much and tries to move over a bit quicker than his back feet and mind will let him go and about falls over himself. He then decides that she isn’t quite worth all the effort to get to her and decides to try nibbling some hay at his feet. Chrissy, to say the least, was heartbroken as she had a big girl crush on my little man!

Cody was a bit hot after the procedure so once he had better control of his legs we brought him out and gave him a shower with cool water to try and cool him down. We put him in his stall with some hay and left for a while to give him some quiet time. When we got back I let him out of his stall and he came out looking for Chrissy (guess it wasn’t hurting as much) but she was still out in her turnout and then he decided to lay down and have a good ole back scratching roll. Cody let me walk up to him while he was laying down which shows that he has a lot of trust in me which is good. Bear is walking him tonight and then tomorrow we will get him out and move him around some more. Dr. Lesch advised that it might take as long as 8 weeks to get the testosterone out of his system and that he is still viable for 2 weeks so he is not able to be around the girls. He is pretty laid back like is Sire and I am hoping that he will be just as good as Pi if not better.

Our garden is getting bigger and bigger and I am seeing more little budding ‘maters showing up and before long they will be Tomatos! The peppers are getting big and I can’t wait for them to color up. A friend brought out a load of Day lillies for us to replant and I took 3 feed bags full – I hope I can get them in tonight (we shall see).

Moonie and I had a go around because of her little tantrums that she throws when Kit leaves her stall. She absolutely throws a huge fit – well she gets to either fight it out with the wall in her stall tied up or tied in the horse stock. This is what I mean about “Punks” – they are too young to ride but old enough to start teaching them ground lessons but they think they know more and throw a duzzy of a fit. The best way to solve it is to work them and then have them stand tied and fight it out on their own. I just tie her up and go sit in the shade and sip a Mango Tea from Sonic. She is learning because I am noticing that the fit throwing is becoming less and less so I’ll win with patience.

Worked with one of my clients on Friday with their dog Keiko and all I can say is this is one smarty pants of a dog! I just love her. It is more teaching the owners how to read Keiko and get her to obey their requests. I have to be the bearer of bad news when most of the people I first begin to work with think that after one or two sessions that the dog will be “fixed”. Usually when I am called in it is far from being an obedience problem and has turned into a behavior problem which takes more time and patience. These folks are great and are willing to work with me and Keiko. I told Bear after the last session that I sometimes feel guilty taking money because it is so easy for me to see what needs to happen. But he reminds me that it is a service that I am providing not a tangible item and that makes it harder for me to justify. At least we are building a good Emergency Fund for the Animals with this money. That is how we were able to get Cody’s procedure financed.

That reminds me, have you ever been offered anything like furniture, clothes, or just anything that someone just wanted to get rid of? Did you decline or accept? We never turn down the opportunity – notice I said opportunity? You never know what you will receive but if you turn it down then usually the opportunities are never offered again. We are clearing out a couple of worksheds and some items we are taking, others are being taken to goodwill, and others are being utilized at the barn either by us or someone from the barn. We just secured a wheelbarrow which will save us $49.99 + tax as we needed one for the barn. We also got a really pretty wingback chair that is made by Thomasville and a wooden rocking chair in fabulous condition. Don’t turn anything down – even if you find you don’t want it you can either sell it, auction it off, give it away or donate it yourself but keep an open mind to the opportunities that float your way – Just like Forrest Gump once Said – Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get till you bite into one!


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