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Day one of taking my lunch

July 14, 2009

I took my lunch to work yesterday. I had a Turkey Sandwhich on wheat bread with just a dab of mayo – I actually ate some of the turkey by itself it was really good. I had a coupon for the Butterball lunch meat – Fried Turkey – never had fried turkey before and it was very good.

I also had a peach and some bing cherries which were very sweet.

I’m going to bring some pickles today as I forgot about my pickles until I was almost to work yesterday!

This is my effort to cut some corners and beef up our Emergency fund. My intention is to put what I paid last month in lunches (you don’t want to know) into savings this month and bring my lunch from home.

I want to get some yogurt for my fridge under my desk. I think that is my biggest problem is that I am not creative when it comes to bringing my lunch.

Bear and I grilled hamburgers on the grill and made enough for our lunches for today. Bless his heart – he takes his lunch every day and I am pledging to do the same. Since I have a fridge I’m going to try and bring things in on Monday that I can eat through the week.

Another area I am going to cut back on is eating breakfast in the cafe – it is so easy to say “I’ll just pick up something at work” in the morning than either eating breakfast at home or stocking breakfast items at work (which I have now done and have oatmeal, instant breakfast drink mix, and cereal). I did eat breakfast this morning – I had a $3.00 off coupon which made my meal $1.41 – not bad for eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns.

Gotta get ready for work – no rest for the weary or the wicked for that matter.

Poor Bear Paw is exhausted – he had to work yesterday and had to be at work at 7AM!


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