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Day two of the Eat at home / Take your lunch challenge

July 14, 2009

It is now Day two of the Eat at home / take your lunch challenge. Every time we eat at home, take our breakfast and lunch I move a set amount of money that we would have spent had we not done that into our savings from checking. I told Bear that he will be amazed at how much money this will save us. So far I have moved $15.00 into savings for yesterday.

So, here is last part of Day one and the start of Day two!

Last night we had grilled Hamburgers and Bear made some Mac n Cheese, he made enough so that we could take our lunch today.

Today for lunch I will be having grilled hamburgers, pickles, and fruit. See, I told you I am just not very creative when it comes to lunches but I am striving to get better.

Bear did not take a hamburger because he says it is too heavy since it gets hot in the warehouse. He took some lunch meat and chips. He is a grazer and will munch on breaks rather than have a big meal at lunch. I think that is healthier for him since his blood sugar has a tendency to drop – grazing keeps it on an even keel.

For breakfast I am going to have juice (free), Oatmeal (brought from home) and a banana. I’m trying to drink a ton of water as I seem to be retaining fluid on my legs again. I’m getting up and walking around the entire floor once an hour and that seems to help.

Tonight we will be having smothered hamburger patties – so easy to make but so delish.

You start your hamburgers as usual and make sure they are done enough for you and then you dump a can of cream of mushroom soup on top of them (we put the soup in a 4 cup measuring container and whisk it till it is smooth before pouring over the meat). Turn your heat down to low and wait for the soup to heat up – trust me – it is good.
I’ll be taking that for lunch tomorrow.


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