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Garage Teardown Day 1

July 2, 2009

I’m not sure if I told everyone that our garage collapsed last April due to the Earthquake that hit. We did not have earthquake insurance and so we were not covered and Bear’s Ford Bronco along with all his tools were in the Garage. Shortly after the collapse – Bear had to have stents put in his heart which caused a delay along with the $$$ to clean up the mess.

Day One:

We started early – 7:30 AM
Here is the Dumpster in front of our house:

Nice and Empty

Here is the garage before we started – I know there is a Ford Bronco somewhere in the mess – can you see it?

Here is the progress at about 2:00 pm:

Glen and Bear tearin’ down:

And the Search and Recovery Mission was a success – WE FOUND THE BRONCO!

Hard to believe but she isn’t damaged as much as we had initially thought. Bear believes he can fix her or we can sell her as is – it will be his choice what he wants to do.
The crew, Bear, Glen, and Steve, worked very hard – Bear’s takin’ a nap right now – and at 6:00 we will head next door for Hamburgers!
I’ll keep everyone posted on the tear down – I can tell you one thing – The Lord answers prayers because it was BEAUTIFUL and below normal temperatures with hardly any humidity – we will have a few showers on Satruday but tomorrow and Monday it is lookin’ good! Hopefully I’ll have a nice clean slab of concrete where we can park our cars off the street!


One Response to Garage Teardown Day 1

  1. SonyaAnn on July 8, 2009 at 1:55 am

    I had to bust out laughing at the search and recovery mission! You still have a sense of humor even after the stints and the earthquake! Sending you lots of love and luck!

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