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I am HOTTTTTT and it’s not the weather!

July 23, 2009

I am going to go riding and settle down just a bit more before I tell you this story!

Want to get me worked up?…….mess with our checking account (I’m not mad at the bank) – how can someone run a business and do this to someone?????……I’m so you know what that I’ve gotta go ride for bit….I’ll let you know here soon. It is not a position that we should have been put into that is for sure and it is not the bank or my issue but a company that I do business with but won’t anylonger.

I’m going before I start crying and wanting to throw things – did I mention I have a really bad temper that I keep under very tight control but sometimes it will surface when I am upset and really mad and right now, I’m really upset and mad!


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