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July Budget

July 13, 2009

Well, June sure flew by and we are mid-way through July – was I asleep or what?

We did get a lot accomplished in July with the dumpster being ordered and clean-up beginning over 4th of July weekend. Bear, Steve and Glen stayed after it and it’s now down to the nitty gritty which is sometimes harder than the big stuff.

I did extend our lease of the dumpster to the end of July – I don’t know what area you are in but here in St. Louis/Belleville area it has rained a few days. I think Poured would have been a better word, I’ve never seen it rain for this long and hard. I hope the rain is behind us and we can look for some beautiful, non-humid, weather.

I did review our budget and it looks like we are on track other than I did spend $10.00 more at the Grocery store than I intended yesterday but I haven’t been in two weeks other than to get lunch stuff for the guys so I’m still on track. I am going to be eagle eyeing our gas budget this month as I might have to make some adjustments to it.

7/13/2009 UPDATE AGAIN – I thank the Lord everyday for my job – we will get through this economic down turn just fine and dandy – but I just had to tell everyone this – now, I do reserve the right to adjust as we stabilize our budget and set goals.

Okay, I have now got the goals & budget set for the remainder of 2009. I do reserve the right to make some changes! I KNOW, I should have already had this done but I’m blaming my Type A personality on being late! I had to do some re-calculating due to the car accident and our acquiring a new car payment after 6 years without one!

Here are the goals left on our agenda for 2009.

Stockpiling our pantry (I will post later my pantry list – this will be forthcoming)
Calling to get pricing for Construction Dumpster – Done
Saving at least $100.00 to EF – $500.00 already in EF – working towards $100 or more each month. We are currently at $650.00
JT needs to be CPO’d – Long story but it is because our little darling does not have any Appaloosa characteristics so the ApHC makes you pay a HUGE amount of money if you want to show your horse in ApHC approved shows – Well Duh, why would we not want to do that? So that is $300.00* – Done

Diva needs to be DNA Typed and HYPP tested to get her AQHA papers – Thanks to all of the unscrupulous people that cheated we now have to pay even more to register our little Darlings! So, that is $80.00* – Done

*I knew these were coming up and I have been saving since 10/2008 for JT’s but just found out in December (Merry Christmas) about Diva’s additional registration costs.

Fill both Kerosene containers for heaters – $50.00 -Done

Remainder of our goals are as follows:

House – Outside – if it would quite raining for a stretch of time!
Trim Tree – Friend will be giving me a card to a trimmer for estimate – Need to call – Woo Hoo – good news – Glenn our neighbor helping us on the garage does tree trimming and offered to help Bear – he has all the equipment – No Charge!

Clean out Garage that collapsed due to Earthquake that insurance (thank you) will not pay for because we apparently do not have the rider for Earthquakes – I wasn’t aware that we were on a fault line – I’m waiting to purchase in hopes of the cost not being so much!(wishful thinking).
Construction Dumpster for Garage and Back Bedroom construction – May have to do this twice. – We have the second dumpster – out of pocket so far is $800.00 for the dumpsters, $30.00 for the permit, $80.00 for groceries for the crew. We will incur another $30.00 in permits and $100.00 in extended rental usage. I’m going to get as much out of this dumpster as I can! – In process as I type.

Fix Cornice on front of house – Scrape and Paint. – Not done

Clean Yard of debris – 1/2 done

Scrape and paint exterior – Not done

Fix the two elusive leaks on the roof (I tell you if water wants in water will get in!) – Bear repaired and as of posting – no leaks. Oh, spoke too soon – God Love him he will be looking for the one last leak that we have!!!

House – Inside

Clean & Gut back bedroom

Fix ceiling in back bedroom and mud room (where it has leaked – after fixing the leak)

Clean and re-paint Basement

Upstairs Toilet – replace Low priority – works but is an antique and they don’t make inserts for them like it needs.

8 5/way shots – Done
8 West nile shots – Done
2 bottles of Banamine – need another bottle ($50.00)
2 Bottles of Bute – need both bottles – ($60.00)
48 Wormers – Now only need 24 wormers
5 – 6 way for dogs – Done
5 – Rabies – Done
5 Wormer – Done

Emergency Fund
Have $2000.00 at least saved towards EF Working on this – we are at $650.00
Fuel saved for Vehicles for 6 months – $400.00 – no where close
Heating Fuel for 6 months – $250.00 – no where close
3 Month Pantry stockpile – staples – about ½ way
3 Month Freezer Stockpile – Veggies and Meat – about 2/3 way
6 Months of Board, feed, and hay funds saved – ooohhh not even close.

Brakes On Truck Done
Tuneup for Both Vehicles Done
4 new tires for Lincoln (she has new ones but I’ll start putting a bit back) – haven’t started yet
4 Tires for back of truck (Dually – she got new ones in May on the front) – haven’t started yet.

Utilities – $250.00
Fuel – $120.00/Month (I’m not adjusting from when it was $3.00+ a gallon)
Car Ins – $194.00 (We have a BIG TRUCK that costs more and just had to add full coverage for the Lincoln – I won’t give her up!)
Car payment – $425.00 (it is doubled so I can pay it off quicker)
MTG – $647.00
Board – $540.00
Hay/Feed/Shavings/Meds – $400.00 – I’m looking at this to see if it is truly this much – I guessed! This is for both Horses/Dogs – It is actually less since hay went down but this is what I am budgeting – any overage will go in the animal emergency fund.
Life Ins – $71.00
CC – $50.00
Food/Toiletries/clothes/shoes – $50/week (I’m trying to knock this down and it will probably go down with our vegetables that we are growing)
Cell Phone – $139.00 (this includes my wireless internet)
NetFlix – $18.00 – We love our movies and this saves us a ton of money!
Association Fees – $10.00 – this is for ApHC, AQHA, NBHA memberships

Balance – Savings – should be more than $100.00 but I reserve the right to make changes to this as we move forward.

Bear and I do not have cable/satellite and we really do not miss it – we do go to the Bookstore to hang out – never really purchase anything unless I have a GC or coupon making something very cheap. We do purchase a Vente Iced Green Tea Sweetened for me – They are soo good and I will for go a soda through the week for one and a Frappacino Carmel with whipcream for him!

Remember – this is about the 3rd month we have done a Budget and set Goals for ourselves. I like it. It wasn’t as hard as I had procrastinated the process to be – believe me I can procrastinate – and I rather liked putting this to paper and actually “seeing” where things were going! That is what I recommend doing – putting it on paper so that you can move things around before typing it in the computer. To me putting it to paper helped Bear have a good discussion and we can pull it out and review it without firing up the ol’ laptop at times.

What I’m going to do NOW is start whittling away at these figures to see how far I can get them down!


4 Responses to July Budget

  1. Marilyn's Money on July 13, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    Wow Nancy I'm exhausted after reading that list. Yes definitely type A! Great goals, look forward to seeing them in action.

  2. SonyaAnn on July 13, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    Good grief, how long did it take you to figure this out! But being an A type, I love and appreciate the work that went into this! My favorite part is when the goal is met and you get to cross it off. Keep going and I can't wait to see the after pictures of the garage. I just love the unexpected costs. we had a transmission this year. Yeah, fun!!!

  3. Nancy on July 14, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks for visitin! Yep, it is a Duzzy of a list but I carry it over every month and remember it is not set in stone only the goals are set in stone. Hey, these unexpected things make life more interesting – after you get over the frugal coma of what it will cost to fix the unexpected! Thanks again for visitin!

  4. Nancy on July 14, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Marilyn, yes, I think my type A comes out in the goals and budget and it has taken alot just to get to the point where I can list them on paper! Thanks so much for visitin' the ranch – come back – coffee's always hot and door is always open!

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