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Loyalty Rewards – another tool for your budget!

July 1, 2009

It pays to sign-up for loyalty rewards if offered!

We love Q’doba’s and I received a Buy-one-Get-one Free coupon. I clipped it and put it in my coupon book under Restaurants.

Bear and I were out yesterday running errands and he was getting hungry. One thing I can tell you is when he gets hungry he changes from cute and cudley to raging in a matter of seconds! When he mentions food then I’m huntin’ the closest thing within reason.

I told him I had a coupon for Q’doba’s and before I had doba out of my mouth he had whipped the car into the parking lot. Well, that settled that hungry issue! I grabbed the coupon and we both ordered the Mexican Gumbo (Delish) – I normally would not be this hungry but breakfast had been earlier than usual that day and the weather was BEAUTIFUL – no hot, humid, and muggy where sweat dripped in places it shouldn’t drip. It was still hot but it was tolerable.

Well, I grabbed the coupon and my loyalty card and our total before coupon and loyalty card was $17.68 – after coupon AND the swipe of the loyalty card our total was $2.81!!!
I was extremely excited to find out that we were both eating for less than $3.00!

The reason it was so low is because we had accumulated enough points for a free entrée from Q’doba’s on our loyalty card and I used the coupon for the buy one get one free – we were basically paying for the extra chips and drink! We share a drink which further lowers our out of pocket.

If you get the opportunity to sign-up for loyalty cards – do it – I can’t tell you how much we have received in Loyalty offers for birthdays, anniversary, and just coupons to get our business!

It pays dividends to sign-up and further reduce your out of pocket on those days you do eat out and you can use coupons to further reduce your out of pocket.

This is just another way Bear and I try to keep our bottom dollar on eating out as LOW as possible.


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