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Our visit to the Creek

July 1, 2009

A creek runs through it

You have heard me mention the creek on several posts and how both Bear and I could not wait to get to the Creek – especially on a blistering hot summer day in OK.

We made it to the creek on Saturday and it was just how I remembered (we haven’t been to the creek in about 10 years) – Cold, quiet and beautiful!

You get to see nature at it’s very best – the water was great and I sat down on the spillway and let the cold water run over my foot where I have been having issues with my Achilles tendon. I didn’t want to move it was so good – you know the cold – when you step in and you are sucking air in for a couple of seconds because of how cold it is but after the initial shock it feels great. I love our creek – we spent many a Saturday afternoon after working in the yard chilling in our creek. Pack a little picnic and head on down to the creek.

Here are some pictures of our creek (location is top secret but for my blog friends I will show you pictures) but don’t ask me for directions because I am keeping our creek a secret!

Here is the creek – isn’t it beautiful?
Another shot of the creek.

The spillway part of the creek

Bear posing – we are sitting on the concrete spillway.
Oh, does that water feel good on the feet!
Another shot of the Creek.

That’s our creek – I call it ours but we don’t “own” it but it is our own little hideaway when we come down to OK and you can rest assured that we will be using it after we move back to OK.


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