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Skin So Soft Fly Spray, Salve, and more…..

July 14, 2009

My friend Margie is the bargain queen! She can find ANYTHING for nothing or darn near nothing. I wish I was as strong as she is in negotiations. Anyway – she called me the other day and said she had bought 20 bottles of Skin So Soft for $4.00 a bottle (16 oz) and wanted to know if I wanted any – she would let me have them at her cost. I jumped on the deal and asked her how many she would let me buy – I bought 10.

Skin So Soft makes the best fly spray for horses, dogs, and humans. Not to mention softens your skin like nothing else.

On real hot days I like to wear shorts to the barn – too hot for jeans but when I do I must smell really good to those nasty little stable flys that bite like a vampire because I am constantly getting bit. They hurt, doesn’t just sting, they hurt! Well, Margie told me her recipe for fly spray – take 1/2 bottle of the Skin So Soft and cut it with your fly spray or 1/2 a bottle of the green alcohol. I used our fly spray that I have and just mixed up 1/3 of the bottle along with the fly spray and man, my guys are fly free! Unbelievable!

I’ve sprayed my legs with the concoction and have not had a fly one bite me after applying the spray. The best part is that our horses are not standing around stomping their feet and biting at the flys. They will stand while we groom them and go to sleep because they are not being pestered by the flys, mosquitos, and gnats!

Who knew that a tweak to a solution would provide such relief?

If you have dogs that are prone to flys on their ears then I have another solution for you –
Either get Farnam’s Fly Off ointment OR mix up Vaseline Petroleum Jelly with about 1/3 – 1/2 cup of Skin So Soft. You will have to soften the jelly and then mix in the Skin so Soft oil – once you have it thoroughly mixed put in the freezer to harden so that you can scoop it out and apply to your dogs ears – you may have to put on a couple of treatments but the mixture will sure keep the flys from bothering them.

If it is really hot out I will freeze a bucket full of water flavored with chicken broth – doesn’t have to be alot just enough to give a little flavor and I will put it in the freezer. Once it is completely frozen I will pop-it out of the bucket and put it outside for the dogs – they have a blast and I know that they are getting hydrated from the water.

I’ll also put a big block of frozen ice in their kiddie pool – it is so fun to watch them dunk the ice and try and lick it while it is floating. Thor stands on the side with Maestro – neither one will step one foot in the water so we have to make them separate or they would never have any fun.

What things do you do for your four-legged family members to beat the heat and keep the flys off?


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