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Foxy and Dino made it home…..

August 27, 2009

Last Sunday we went to Cedar Hills to pick up Rescue the pregnant mare and her sick foal – had to pay $300.00 for them but it was worth it to get them out of there! She is in a little better shape but you should not be able to see her tail head nor her backbone. Her baby is in worse condition – I’m amazed he is actually still alive but he must be a fighter to be haning on and We intend to give him every chance we can.

When we arrived I could see the mare had been rounded up with baby and put in with three other mares. Poor little man just hung his head and stood by mom who was greedily eating the green grass in the turn-out. It didn’t take too much to catch her and get her and baby out the gate and moving towards the trailer. Poor baby just shuffled behind mom with head hung low. I noticed he has a swelling on the side of his neck – possibly a bite mark.

A little history – the mare is not top mare in the herd and baby was born later than the other foals so he is smaller – mother is a sweety and will let other foals nurse so they would bully her baby off and nurse – he was getting what was left over after the other foals were finished. Mom was also low girl in the herd so was not able to get as much food as she should have been receiving for being pregnant and nursing. At this time the previous owner should have moved her into a turn-out or another area to allow them to be able to eat and nurse so that he would be able to grow up big and strong. Instead, she left them out there to fend for themselves! Now, because of this, we have a foal who is on a score of 1-5 a grade 1 or less which means he is skin and bones. Below is a picture of him the day we picked him up. I cried all the way home.

The mare would jump right in the trailer but little man just didn’t know what to do – I was able to make a grab for him and pick him up and put him in the trailer with mom – had he been healthy there would have been no way of doing this!

His hair is literally falling off because of rain rot and bite marks from the other mares and foals. But, I see a little spark deep down in his eyes that say, I’m here, I just need some help.

We got them home and into a stall – he was so weak in the pasture that he was using all his energy to keep up with mom and wasn’t able to nurse as often as he wants. By putting her in a stall this will help him to nurse as often as he wants without having to burn his energy trying to keep up with her. We got a halter on him, gave him a b12 booster, and as much hay that they could eat and let them be for the day. I would periodically check on them throughout the rest of the day and he was nursing her almost every time that I checked.

On Tuesday, I went in to feed them and he was eating the hay so I was excited to see that he was very interested in eating. This baby should be in the weaning stages but I am going to leave him on Momma one more month until I have him eating on his own and his weight up.

I will get some more pictures this weekend of the little man – he is still very week and under the weather which is to be expected but he seems to be showing more interest in his surroundings than previously.


One Response to Foxy and Dino made it home…..

  1. Anonymous on August 27, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Nancy reminds me of your first horse. I am sure with your care they will be fine. Keep up the good work, a fine addition to your "family". Mom

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