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Happenings at the Ranch……

August 20, 2009

Happenings at the Ranch…..

I have the crud again and it’s getting very old……Poor Bear, I woke him up at 2AM just coughing, he woke me up and gave me some medicine and after that I was able to rest a bit but it’s been the same all day. I’m congested and have the asthma cough and everything is just draining down the back of my throat which makes the tummy upset with waves of nausea. I’m am ready for this crap to be gone!

Last Saturday we went to pick up a mare with Margie at another farm. There were so many horses with babies and then I saw him. He was so small and looked so depressed. His mother, I was told, was allowing other foals to nurse her which kept her baby from thriving. He is half the size of the other foals his age. His momma is not on the healthy side because of all the babies she is feeding she is on the skinny side and she is pregnant to boot! I was told she was for sale…..now common sense would step in at this time and take over but it was booted out by my heart! I talked with Bear and Margie and I made the lady an offer and she accepted. I had to reposition the budget for two months (I’ll post in August) to compensate for this transaction. We are picking the momma Foxy (that is what I am calling her) and baby Dino (that is what we are calling him) on Sunday. She is a palomino like my Charlie who we lost in March – you can read about Charlie here. I couldn’t save Charlie but I can try and save this mare and her babies.

I will be posting some items on Ebay to try and help defray the cost of these additions to our family. My hope is to find good homes for the two babies. I have a brand new American West purse that retails for around 135.00 that I’ll be putting up for auction. I’ll post links when I have them up if anyone is interested in helping by purchasing something from my auctions. I’m also thinking of putting up a paypal donation link for anyone who would like to donate to help defray these cost. Getting this mare and foal and her unborn foal healthy will be a considerable expense and I’m just trying to figure out ways to defray some of the costs. I do not want to see them go to an auction where they would go somewhere that I don’t want to even think about. What do you guys think? Would love to hear about your ideas on how to help defray the costs for these guys. I intend to keep the mare as she is a daughter of Margie’s stallion PI and out of Margies mare Blaze who have wonderful bloodlines and she is only 7 so she has a long life ahead of her especially if we can get her broke to saddle and ride her. She should have never been allowed to get like this nor should her baby – God love him he is just so small and it makes you want to just grab him up and hold him! Please pray for this small family as we work to make them healthy! She never asked to be bred and he never asked to be born but we must now take the responsibility of helping her and her kids get healthy. Worming, shots, lots and lots of feed and hay, trimming feet, and just handling the baby to get him halter broke and letting him know that we won’t hurt him.

Bear gets paid tomorrow so I can get some more bills paid. We are still, especially now, on a spending hiatus for anything but what we absolutely need. I’ve taken my lunch everyday for the last two weeks, of course Bear does every day.

I talked to one of my friends who is a scientist and he was talking to me about Vitamins and minerals that we are deficient in and what he is taking. I’ve decided that Bear and I will begin taking what he has recommended. Bear won’t be taking the Fish oil because he is taking Plavix and a baby aspirin. But here is what we are going to be taking:

Bear and I:
Vitamin D – 2000 units
I take two viactive chews which is 1000 units so I’ll also take another 1000 units by a pill.

Fish Oil (only me) – 1200 units -now the interesting factor about Fish oil is that you should look at how much EPA/DHA the capsule has – if it has 300 mg then you would need to take 4 capsules to get the 1200 units. It is not how much Fish oil concentrate that you need to be concerned about but how many units of EPA/DHA the capsule has.

CQ10 – Co-enzyme 10 – 400 MG daily

Borage Oil – 1 capsule

Magnesium – 1 caplet/capsule

One vitamin/mineral cap like Centrum

My friend states that you will not believe the difference this will have on sore and stiff joints which both Bear and I have. This information is also in the book Inflammation Nation which talks about inflammation and how getting the RIGHT dosages is very important and that most individuals are deficient in Vitamin D and Magnesium. It is very interesting reading and I’m up for anything that will take my knee and achilles tendon pain away and relieve Bears soreness.
I’ll post how it is going once we start the new cycle of vitamins.

I’m working to get my coupon book current – it has been lacking lately and hopefully I’ll get it done this weekend. Thank goodness for my feed coupons! I’ll be able to get some Equine Senior for Foxy and Dino – this is a highend feed that is very good at putting weight on horses.

Bear and I were not able to make it to the scrap yard with our copper and aluminum so we will be dropping that off on Saturday. I am hoping this will be a nice pay-out so that we can put this in the horse fund – we are really going to need to get this built up.

I am so glad that school has started here in the city. Hopefully the kids will be off the street at dusk – there are parents that have no clue where there kids are and allow them to play in the street even when we have a wonderful park at the end of our block! I find it amazing that these parents are blatantly disregarding the safety of their children by allowing them to play in and around the street. I told Bear that the question is not if but when one of these kids gets hit – it has already happened once.

We are having hamburgers on the grill tonight – the weather is absolutely fall-like. I just wish my allergies would go away so that I could enjoy it! I love our grill – I got it for free because of a couple of awards I was given at work. In addition to the grill also got the cover and utensils to go with it. It was so hot and muggy yesterday!
This makes it so much easier on the horses and animals that live outside. Margie rescued a pot bellied pig – a little girl called Petunia – I’ll get some pictures this weekend.

Well, gotta run, gotta make sure the hamburger is defrosted!


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