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Ranch happening’s this week……

August 14, 2009

Thought I would let you know what we have been doin’ this week at the Ranch!

Hope everyone was able to take advantage of the offer from Arby’s. Bear and I did and it was less than $1.00 each! Actually the total for each of us for a small drink and the Roast Chicken Club sandwich was $0.88. Next week they are offering the Free FruitTea with a sandwich purchase and then the 26th they are offering the Cheddar Cheese Roast Beef Sandwich free with purchase of a drink! I know where we are eating on the 26th.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the Nestle Calendar with $20.00 in coupons – it’s FREE and you know that that is our favorite word here at the Ranch!

I rode Luke for the first time last night (got that darn monkey off my back!). I was injured about 2 years ago by a horse I was riding (broken pelvis in two places) and I have a confidence issue (kind of like Maverick in Top Gun). I decided that yesterday would be the day I ride and I am glad that I got that first ride over and under my belt. He was a perfect gentleman and though he doesn’t know a lot about bending, flexing, he is sure a willing pupil. By the end of the ride he was moving off my leg at the walk – we are still mastering the trot. I am not going to ride him again until we get him shod because whoever shod him before we got him did a bang-up job – his feet are long and he is clipping and tripping so we will be doing a lot of round pen ground work until Tommy comes out next Friday.

Kit was comical last night – she had a horse fly (not your normal fly but a gigantic horse fly) bugging her – she was runnin’ and buckin’ and squeelin’ and then she would stop and look over at me and then go back to trying to get away from the fly. I walked up to the gate to get her and she was buckin’ in place and rearin’ up – I had to get onto her and back her off the gate – I told her if she would just give me a minute I would get the darn thing. I got it alright – two tries and he was just a memory – like President Obama’s fly swat!

She was very thankful and stood still while I put more fly spray on her. She is truly a Diva. She was also ready to go in – I was going to work her but someone else took the round pen and I was a bit washed out after ridin’ Luke. I’m still sportin’ the cough and crap in my lungs so it doesn’t take much for me to get out of breath so I have to still watch how much I do. But I was just ecstatic over the ride and potential of the big guy!

Bear’s birthday was Tuesday but we aren’t celebrating till this weekend because he has the crud and neither of us are feelin’ very good!

We are going to gather up our aluminum cans, copper and scrap metal for a run to the scrap yard. Bear thinks with all the copper ends and stuff from two of our plumbing jobs on other houses that we should get quite a few dollars! It takes 28 aluminum cans to make a pound.

I ordered feed for Saturday pick up and have a riding lesson tonight and on Saturday morning. Sunday we are planning on focusing on the house and getting some things hauled to the dumpster.

We are going to list the Bronco for sale as is and see how much we are offered – Bear says that the parts are worth quite a bit and someone could fix the roof and windshield and have a nice 4×4. The money will go right into savings. I am going to call a friend of mine’s son who parts cars out for money and see if he would like to buy her. The transmission, engine and the 4×4 are all functioning.

I am so proud of myself for taking my lunch all this week – it has been so good to leave the wallet in the purse for lunch. On Monday I spent a whopping $.95 for some eggs so I could take my medicine because all I had was dairy products and I can’t take dairy and the antibiotics. I’ve been eating my oatmeal the rest of the week and fruit. I’m not going to say the D**t word but I am going to work on eating healthier. I had every intention of starting the treadmill this week but I am still fairly week and this cough is wearin’ thin on my nerves. My intent is on Monday to start SLOWLY with the treadmill and work into some weight training the next week.

Duke has been the little escape artist this week and we haven’t received mail in two days because he has gotten out of his kennel – he won’t get out of the yard but they won’t deliver the mail if there is a dog in the yard. Well, Bear looked high and low and could not find where he was getting out (this dog can scale a vertical fence like no other) and the electric fence was functioning as intended. Well, I went to the back door and just stood real still so they would not detect movement (I can see the entire dog pen from the back door) and just watched. I figured that Duke would tell on himself pretty quickly and it took all of 5 minutes for him to show me the weak spot – a hole in the gate that neither Bear nor I would have ever thought he could get out. He played his hand and I called him on it, Bear went out and took care of the hole – he just could not believe that that was where he was getting out but I saw it with my own eyes! Score one for the very smart puppy parents!

Well, that’s what’s been goin’ on at the Ranch this week – Trying very hard not to spend any money except for bills and identified expenditures. Wish us luck!


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