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Still under the weather……..ER visit

August 9, 2009

Sorry to still be missing – I had an exciting ride in an ambulance Friday – my BP spiked to 202/130 and I had blurred vision.

Come to find out, the antibiotic Levaquin was interacting with my BP medicine and causing my vision to be blurred. It is still a little blurry but getting better. They got my BP down to normal which took my headache away.

They drew Blood and did a urinalysis and lo’ and behold but my white blood cell count was up high and the UA showed I had a urinary tract infection.

They gave me a different drug (doxycycline) for the infection and 800mg ibuprofin for pain. Did not even realize I had a UT infection!

Good news is that I do not have pneumonia and that I am no longer wheezing – still have the sinus, sore throat and horse cough but it is more productive so hopefully I will be feeling better real soon. I want to work my horses but I just don’t have any energy what-so-ever.

Bear is so good to me – he is taking very good care of me and making sure I take my meds and rest. I want to do stuff but it just takes alot out of me just to move around – I get out of breath and cough alot.

Just wanted to give everyone an update on what is happening!


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