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Dino, end of Week 2

September 7, 2009
Well, here is my little man at the end of week 2:

God love him, he is a survivor, I just wish he would perk up just a bit more. His back legs are not as bad as they look in this picture, he has no muscle on his back end what-so-ever so he is a bit knock hocked in the back. It is getting better and he is beginning to show more interest at feeding time. Dino is starting to eat grain and show more interest in the grain.
Kenny, a friend from the barn, has been going in at night and handling him a bit – I just can’t bring myself right now to get any attachment to him for fear of losing him – I know that is selfish but after Charlie I just don’t want that much pain in my heart again. Foxy is doing great and picking up weight every day – she is again pregnant (re-bred on her foal heat) so hopefully this baby will be big and strong! Kenny is working on his coat and the rain rot – poor guy has a fungus all over his little body and has an abcess on the side of his jaw from either a kick or bite.
I’m waiting for the abcess to open and drain and this should make him feel alot better. The vet is coming out on Tuesday to look him over and give me further instructions.
Right now it is just such a slooooow process to get them better – you wish it would just be overnight and you would see a difference but this will be a good 6 mos or more before we see changes in his body. He does have a little belly, pot, but a belly now and he is nursing quite a bit – I know he should be weaned but he is just no way ready for that at this time. I will assess the weaning in another 30 days and then make weekly decisions there after if needed.
Well, just wanted to give you an update of Dino and how he is doing – please pray for him and his recovery.
We thank everyon for all there prayers and e-mails of support they are greatly appreciated!

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