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Happenings at the Ranch….the Late edition

September 6, 2009
Wow, this week took so long to get here! I was off Friday and took my good friend Margie who is like family to my favorite place to eat in —–Mosaic’s. They have this signature soup – Butternut sqaush with madagascar vanilla. It is a beautiful orange color and so savory sweet. I could eat it every day. Before taking Margie to eat I had a few errands to run and use some of the coupons burnin’ a hole in my coupon book.
First, I need to tell you about my Doctor Visit on Tuesday. As you all know, I have been sick since July 30th and the cough was not getting any better nor was my breathing. After visiting the acute care on August 2nd, an ambulance ride on August 7th, and another acute care visit on August 19th because I was not able to get in to my primary I was finaly able to see Dr. Walden on September 1st! I love Dr. Walden and wish I could purseude him to move to OK when we move back so we can continue to see him! We talked and he checked my breathing and looked over all the information from the first visit to now and he really listens which I appreciate. I told him that I felt like a beached whale with all the water I was carrying around and that I would like to go back on Lasix. We discussed what had been going on lately and he prescribed another round of prednisone but this time he did not do a taper off doseage but 60mg / day for 5 days, in addition he gave me these great little “perles” called Tessalon that helped my cough like no other! I was able to sleep all night without coughing! I am still on symbicort and albuterol and he put me back on Lasix. I started the new regimen on Wednesday and although I went to the restroom many times did not feel like my body was releasing the water. I should not have worried, by Thursday I was feeling like I was on top of the world! I was breathing easier, the water was coming off and I could actually climb stairs without being totally out of breath and my ankles and knees were feeling alot better. Not to mention my feet were not swelling over my shoes! I’m feeling so much better, did I mention I love my doctor? The only issue that I have with Lasix is the depletion of potassium so I’m drinking my OJ, Gatorade, and eating my bananas to keep the potassium up in my system and so far I’ve not had any bad leg cramps. Dr. Walden said to contact him in a week to let him know how things were going and that we would meet back in 2 months and discuss some additional issues (high blood sugar, and weight) he said the prednisone can cause higher spikes in blood sugar so he wants me off of it for a while before we do a blood test. I know some of this has to also be the increase vitamin D I am taking with the fish oil and the vitamin supplement.
Okay, that’s the health update on me, so back to Friday. I ran to Walgreens and picked up my blood pressure prescription and got 4 of the in-store coupon books to review with the sales ad. I ran into Target after putting a game plan together Thursday evening. Now, here is what I got at Target:
One Schick Quatro Intuition – 6.94
One Schick Titanium – 6.94
One 5 oz bag of Chef Michael – .50
2 cans of Chef Michael DF – .84 x 2 – Pork
2 cans of Chef Michael DF – .84 x 2 – chicken
1 Tic Tack – .99
1 bag 10 count Tide Stain booster – 3.99
1 small soy candle from Glade – 2.49
Now here are the coupons that I had:
2 x 4.00 Target coupon for each of the Schick Quatro
2 x 4.00 MFG Schick Quatro coupon
1 coupon for free 5 oz bag of Chef Michael
2 – Buy one get one free Chef Michael Dog food
1 – MFG Coupon for .75 off Tide Stain Booster
1 – Target 1.50 Coupon for Tide Stain Booster.
1 – 3.00 Soy Candle from Glade any size
Take a guess how much I paid? Whoppin’ $2.86 – yep that’s right, I’ve still got it!
Here are pictures to prove it!

And the receipt

I was pretty excited to get out of the store with over $25.00 in products for less than $3.00! Makes for a really nice start to the day – I decided to treat myself to an iced tea from Wendy’s while I waited for Margie to finish with her errands so we could go to lunch. I used this time to go through my coupons and clean them out and re-organize. It was very relaxing to not be rushed while working on my organizer. I had more than my fair shair of looks – I get them all the time – it is very funny. Especially when they say, oh, I wish I could be that organized, or my all time favorite – I don’t have time! I’m tired of that excuse and all the others – as Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s) once said:
“If you don’t like where you are going or what you are doing, then change.”
Not sure if he put it just that way but you get my drift.

Bear a.k.a. the Shoe Baron got to go pick out new shoes as a belated birthday. I’ll give you the skinny on this one in another post, I want to get a picture of the B’boy with his new shoes on – how I combined coupons to get the best bang for my buck!


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