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How can you not find the time? Coupons are the new little black dress!

September 3, 2009

I wrote this post earlier this year and thought it warranted another post – I was reading a post over at Deal Seeking Mom (Hi Tara!) about the Power of coupons and it got me to thinkin’ and you know what happens when I get to thinkin’ to much!

When you mention coupons to people, most will think of just the coupons in the Sunday inserts. But coupons and discounts go farther than just the Sunday paper. Thanks to the worldwide web we now are able to let our fingers do the walking and find great deals online. When you think of coupons and discounts thing broader than just the paper. You receive mail that have coupons tied to them, you sign-up for e-mail alerts that have coupons and discounts associated with them. The web has made it easier to find coupons and do match-ups to find the best bang for your buck. Which leads me to the true story between a good friend of mine and her aversion to “Not having time to do searches to find a good deal” – come on – 5 minutes???? Read the story below and let me know if you have any “spendie” like her that pooh pooh your couponing and internet searching for the best deal.

Would you take 5-10 minutes of time to save $2-300.00?

Okay I am not naming names nor will I divulge who this was but here is the scenario:

My friend, we will call her “Spendy” comes over to tell me she just spent $1300.00 includes taxes & shipping for something because someone else had tried it and it worked great for them.

I started to ask a couple of questions – found out that it was $35.00/piece and she had bought 35 of these pieces. On top of that had paid an additional $28.00 to have it shipped overnight. I asked her if that was the cheapest that she had found it and she said, “I don’t know, I just ordered it from the first place I looked”.

Lord, please help me here as I am going into a Frugal Coma that I may never come out of! I asked her why she didn’t check out a couple of other places before making this purchase and she said that she “didn’t have the time”! THUMP! That was me falling out of my chair in a Frugal Coma! I slowly pull myself off the floor, still reeling from her comments and a little woozy.

I became curious if by searching the internet if I could get it cheaper.

Well it took me all of 5 minutes (btw, I used Swagbucks on my search and got two one dollar Swagbucks for searching! Two more swagbucks closer to Rachel Ray Cookset from Amazon) to put together the same 35 pieces only my total came with free shipping over $100.00 and it would get there in a very reasonable time frame for for – get ready it’s coming – $1070.00!!! So, I would have saved her $230.00 for just 5 minutes worth of checking.

I called her and asked her if she could cancel that order and if she could that I found it cheaper at another online place for $230.00 less. She was able to cancel and will order it through the place I found but still states that she just doesn’t have time like that to check.

Now, if I was Amy Dacyzn from the Tightwad Gazette I would equate the savings to an hourly rate – so here is my hourly rate based on my savings of $230.00.

I took $230.00 x 12 = $2760.00 / hour.

The 12 is figured like this:

60 minutes in an hour – it took 5 minutes to find the savings so I divided 60 by 5 and got 12.

I’m still not understanding how you could NOT have the time to look before you buy and save money!!!

What do you think?


One Response to How can you not find the time? Coupons are the new little black dress!

  1. Tara @ Deal Seeking Mom on September 4, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Ack!!! I just don't understand that mentality either. Spending anything more than I absolutely have to would just eat at me. We work hard for our money, and not taking a few extra minutes to ensure that we get the most purchasing power out of it is such a terrible waste.

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