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Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and the Bully Kanye West

September 16, 2009

Okay, I’m going to chime in here because, well, I just have too so bear with me while I give my opinion.

Kanye West a.k.a Bully picked Taylor Swift time to shine to show what a Horses A** he really is…..to bully the mike away from a 17 year old child tells how he was raised! He has no respect for anyone and people now need to let him know that we are not going to tolerate his actions any longer.

You didn’t see him go out and bully the mike away from someone like Trace Adkins, LL Cool J or Kid Rock – no, because he knew that if he attempted to take the mike from them and disrespect them on national TV like he did Taylor that he would get a gool ole’ fashioned country A** whippin’/stoppin’ right their on tv, which he deserved for showing such disrespect. No, he had to go out and bully a child – that’s how bullies work, they single out the young and weak and bully them so that they feel better but it only shows how much of a Horse’s A** he really is.

For me, he is nothing but a yellow-bellied snake in the grass that needs his head chopped off! If he had done that to my daughter on stage, as a mother, I would have waged an all out war on the man and showed him how you don’t mess with the YaYa Sisterhood because we are strong and we do not allow one of our sisters to be embarrassed by the likes of him!

He is a coward and a loser that needs to keep his opinions which are like A**holes to himself – everyone has one just doesn’t mean he had to voice his.

I believe what Beyonce did was classy and tells you much about how she was raised. We can praise Taylor for being such a great role model for her generation and for how she handled the situation. Her mother should be very proud of her daughter, I know I would be if Taylor was my daughter.

What I hope happens is that Kanye does some real soul searching and figures out that his Momma taught him better and that he needs to become a better role model to the young generations that idolize him. I also hope that this action of his has some financial detriment to him – the only thing that he understands is $$ so this I hope is where it hits him for a good long time.


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