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Happenings at the Ranch

October 10, 2009

I wanted to let you know what has been going on at the Ranch. RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN – just buckets of rain. I took off Thursday and today to clean the house. Our roof on the back part has sprung a leak(s) – Bear will be repairing tomorrow and Sunday.

I got a new printer and am trying to get it all hooked up – whoever said things were plug-n-play need to be tarred and feathered!

I received some really cool stuff in the mail – I love Freebies and coupons!
Here is what I received:
VOCAL POINT – Clinical strength SECRECT with some great coupons to use and share. I love the smell and how it is working so far.

VOCAL POINT – KASHI Cereal Coupons to use and Share – I love these cereals and the coupons to save money.

I cashed in my coke reward points for 3 coupons for a free Coke – received all three in the mail!

It was rather prosperous mail call on Thursday!

The ranch is muddy and wet from all the rain and the horses are either muddy or chompin’ at the bit to get out of their stalls! Even when you give them a place to get out of the rain they will stand out there and get wet in the rain! I just can’t figure them out!

We are now almost 2 weeks into this crud and it is getting better but the cough and my asthma have not and it is getting frustrated and tiring. I feel like I’m going 10 rounds with the heavy weight champion while an elephant is sitting on my chest!

The rain brought in such cold wet weather. Fall is coming and I can feel winter on it’s coattails! I hear it is going to be colder than normal this winter….I was visiting Alyssa at Keeping the Kingdom First and she has some great tips on lowering your heating bills.

We are going to use this weekend to start prepping for Winter. We have two kerosene heaters that we will service and get our two 5 gallon containers filled with Kerosene to ensure we are ready to knock out the cold. We will have to get the leaks fixed in the roof so that we can fix the ceiling so that it won’t be so cold in the kitchen. We will be checking for drafts and fixing as needed.

I love this big old house but it sure takes alot to keep a 100 year old house going!

Well, I hope you all are stayin’ warm and dry!

I know we will be as we eat our Hobo Stew !


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