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Happenings at the Ranch

October 19, 2009

Bear got on the roof and to say the least “it’s not lookin’ too good”! We have a huge tree in our yard and some of the limbs are growing over the house (see where I am going with this?). I have called to get three estimates (Help me Rhonda!) for trimming and my friend Kelly will be bringing me a card of a guy who did her tree in her yard. Please pray that it is within reason for this – I’ve never had to do this – has anyone had trees trimmed and if so, how much?

It is going to cost $175.00 to replace the glass on the driver door that was shattered. Seems that Bear started the truck up and shut the door without unlocking the doors and as he was trying to wedge the glass to get a wire in to push the unlock – yep, you guessed it, window shattered! I felt so sorry for him – he was already havin’ a bad day! Anyway, she will be visitin’ the Truck Hospital at the end of the month to have it replaced.

I’ve been rehearsing (in my head) my Humorous speech for the Toastmaster Division F Contest. I won our Area contest with the tale of Bear’s two snakes getting loose in the house! Oh, it is a tale let me tell you – my worst fear…….snakes in the bathroom – remember the movie Snakes on a Plane? Well I had SNAKES in my house! Anyway, they gave me a cute little trophy – there were 7 speakers at the Area Contest and there will be more at the Division I believe. Wish me Luck!

SHOPPING TRIPS! I went three times over the weekend!

Went to Walgreens on Sunday morning bright and early and here is what I got:

Two packages of toilet paper (9 rolls per package) – 3.99/pkg – used 2 $1.00 off coupons

1 Can of Gillete Shaving Cream – $2.99 – used $1.00 off Coupon

1 Gillete Fusion Power Razor – $8.99 – $4.00 off Coupon

1 Zantac – $8.99 (had a $1.00 off coupon – found on the package a $2.00 off coupon!) Used $2.00 off coupon. I could not have scripted the need for medicine any better!

2 bottles of Pert Shampoo (love this for the horses and dogs!) – 2/$5.00 – used 2 $1.00 off coupons.

3 Hershey bars (girl has to live dangerously!)

1 Sunday news paper (have you noticed that if you pick up a paper at Walgreens there are no CVS ads in the paper?) Oh, the Coupon wizard was good to me as I got double coupon inserts in my paper!! WOO HOO!!!!

Total after coupons, one $8.00 RR(Unilever) and in add coupons – $21.15 – put on my debit card.

Now, technically I only spent $4.15 because I received the following Register Rewards:

Razor – $6.00
Zantac – $9.00
Pert – $2.00

Total Register Rewards earned – $17.00!

Then as I was scoping out the Sunday add again, I had remembered seeing two SURE deodorant coupons for $1.50 off one and there is a in-ad coupon for the SURE deodorant 2/$3.00. I had to get Wyatt some more baby aspirin so I went in and picked up two deodorants and 4 bottles of baby aspirin (4 for 4.00). Total out of pocket – $4.33! I will be donating the two deodorants to the homeless shelter as they are not ones we normally use.
I went to Target on Saturday and picked up the following:

3 Bags of Chef Michael Dog Food (Maestro loves this food) – $4.26 each small bag.
I had one Target Coupon for $1.00 off, 2 MFG coupons for $3.00 off each, and one $2.50 off printable coupon.

2 packages of Keebler Cookies – 2.89 each
I had 2 $.55 off coupons and one Target coupon for $1.00 off two.

1 12 pack of Coke (can’t remember the total)

1 Bag of Chex Mix – 1.99
I had one mfg coupon for .55 off and one Target Coupon for $1.00 off.

1 jar of Skippy PB – $2.04
I had a $.40 off mfg coupon and a Target $1.00 off coupon.
Our whole family loves peanut butter and the dogs love it as a special treat on their dog bones. I make them Peanut butter dog bone sandwiches – am I obsessed or what?

My total here was $13.42 – I saved $15.95 on this transaction!

I thought I did well for the above scenarios. I’m mapping out a couple more for the rest of the week to stockpile some more items.

Margie’s been gone all week to the Quarter Horse congress – I miss Margie when she is gone the barn just isn’t the same!

The horses are beginning to get their winter coats – we are supposed to be in the 60 – 70 degree weather this week so I told Bear we would break out the winter blankets for them next week. I need to get them a bag of peppermints (I hate getting them one in the summer because they get all sticky – I have to keep them in the fridge and then I forget about them!). I had one from Sonic that I slipped Banks and the look on his face as he crunched and savored the peppermint was priceless. I love that big ole horse with all of my heart – he is truly my Black Beauty! Kit is confined to her Diva Stall as she has thrown a front shoe and I’m coordinating logistics with the new farrier to get her set this week. Then little Miss Diva and I have a date with the round pen as she has started to cop the biggest “tude” and I have just the remedy for that!

It was so funny the other day watching the boys just runnin’ and playin’ it was rather chilly and they were truly feelin’ rip, roarin’ good if you know what I mean. They would run and buck and then stand up and look around to see who was watchin’ them! I love to watch horses that are healthy and feelin’ good – it does my heart good!

I also went to PetsMart and picked up the following (my goal was less than $50.00):
***All prices are with my PetsPerk Card***

1 Bag of Purina One (trying something with Wyatt – I think he has some skin allergies)- $19.99 – used $2.00 off coupon & $7.00 Purina Check.

2 Bags of Science Diet Treats – on sale for $4.99 each – had 2 $2.00 off coupons.

4 cans of Chef Michael wet dog food $.75 each – had 2 BOGO coupons

10 cans of Mighty Dog wet dog food – $.60 each – had 2 Buy 4 Get 1 free coupons
(Maestro has lost most of his front teeth and we supplement the dry with we)

4 cans of Purina One wet dog food – $1.20 each – had 2 Buy one get one coupons.

1 Box of Milkbones dog biscuits – large breed – $3.99 – had $2.00 off coupon
1 box of Milkbones dog biscuits – small breed – $3.99 – had $2.00 off coupon

1 bag of Skin & Coat treats – can’t remember the maker – had $1.00 off coupon
1 bag of joint & bone treats – can’t remember the maker – had $1.00 off coupon

Total before coupons but with PetPerks discounts: $59.73 – my total without my pet perks was: $66.57!

My Coupons total: $17.10
I had one $7.00 Purina Check
My total after coupons, Purina Check and taxes : 40.32! I attained my goal of less than $50.00! This was a bigger purchase than I normally do but I had some coupons that were expiring, combined with the sale at the store, it was too good to pass up! We will have treats for a long time and wet food for quite some time.

I’m trying to stay way ahead of the crud so it can’t catch me but on Sunday, I crashed and burned for about 2 hours – Bear didn’t even wake me up to eat lunch! I was Starving when I got up – I had a bagel earlier in the morning and that was it! He said I was snoring so he thought he should let me rest! I DO NOT SNORE! HE SNORES! I just want to make that perfectly clear – I DO NOT SNORE! I am waking up congested and I am having difficulties breathing – it takes some time for me to get the inhaler down followed by the steroid inhaler. Once I do this, I’m usually good till lunch! I’m getting tired of this crud and want it to go – far away!

Well, that is what happened at the Ranch over the Weekend! How was your weekend?


One Response to Happenings at the Ranch

  1. SonyaAnn on October 20, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Your life is busy!! It made me tired just reading about it. I'll say a prayer about your tree trimming but it is still one of the more expensive problems. Maybe look for someone out of work that used to do it, I don't know really how to save on this one other than a good prayer.
    And your horse sound so cute.

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