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Kit-ka-boodle has new NIKE’s!

October 25, 2009
I have had a time with finding a farrier that will hang around for Kit. God love her, she has been so lame the last two weeks trying to find a shoer for her. The first shoer just never showed up for an appointment – no phone call, nada, nothing. So here goes my review of this shoer:

If you are looking at using a farrier by the name of Jeremiah Kemp, think twice….he will not be consistent with you and at times will not show up nor call you to reschedule. You will have to chase him down and then you might not find him for awhile…..so if you want consistent shoeing – DO NOT CHOOSE THIS FARRIER. His work is great, it’s his work ethic that is questionable.

Okay, I’m done with the farrier bashing. The next farrier decided the grass was greener in Kentucky – which it is for race horses. That left me with a horse that was going on 4-5 weeks over due!

In comes my new farrier, Steve Mitchell, who already has done wonders for her in one shoeing and has guaranteed a 6 week rotation! I don’t even have to take off work to be at the barn – I will leave the money in my roll-around and he will swing by and shoe her – he says she is one of his better client’s horses because she just stands there cross-tied. She got her new Nikes on Thursday.

The Lord answered my prayers on finding someone that I could trust, new his business, and would be consistent with her.

The decision was made to put her in an Egg Bar shoe and the difference was amazing! She is a bit sore which is to be expected with her angles being changed but she is looking much happier!

I don’t have before pictures but here are her after pictures.

When he started she would barely put any weight on her left side and was extremely sore in her deltoid muscle – it was also less defined from muscle loss from the left foot taking the weight. After applying the Egg Bar Shoe on her left foot and putting it back down she was bearing full weight on her own! I am buting (think Ibprofin and a kicker of oxycodone) her for three days and then will wean her to the BL solution which is the holistic (generic) option of Bute.

I am going to work Luke and Kit this fall and winter so that I can compete next year in Barrels on them. I have to start at scratch with Luke because he has never been taught much of anything. I have to laugh because I was thinking of what type of person he would remind me of and Robert Ramone comes to mind – you know Raymonds HUGE brother who is very kind – smart but the big pushover? That would be Luke. Who does Kit remind me of? First off, she is a DIVA that does not like to do anything outside of the arena so of course the one person that comes to mind here is Paris Hilton! Wouldn’t that be a hoot of a match?

Kit is in love with Luke and I believe he is smitten with her. It is funny, when I have her in the round pen and Luke and the boys are in the arena, he is constantly hangin’ out by her. He doesn’t venture too far from the round pen and if Cody comes up (he is in love with Kit but she does not return the affection) she will pin her ears and bare her teeth and charge at him. Oh what a tangled web we weave with this love triangle. Luckily, both boys are geldings. I can turn her out with Luke but not with the other boys, Banks loves to chase her and when he chases her she is squealing and kicking at him.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know about Miss Diva and her new Nike’s!

Thanks for taking the time to visit us here at the Ranch!


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