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My oh my what a wonderful day!

October 21, 2009

Remember my note about the tree that was taking over the roof of my house? Well, the estimates are in and……….


It is within the budget I had silently set in my head that we could afford to pay the next time I get paid (remember, I get paid once a month)! We won’t have to save and worry anymore – they will be here the first week in November (I have to set a date).

Bear was all up in arms saying it would be around $500 – $1000.00. My friend Kelly (Hi Kelly – waving!) had her tree done and it was around $300.00 so I had mentally set in my head $400.00 because of the overhang on the roof.

When the guy called me, I told him if it would save money that he would not have to haul any of the tree limbs off that we would do that ourselves as we had friends that could use it for firewood. He told me it would save quite a bit if he didn’t have to haul any of the limbs off.

So, do I have you on pins and needs as to the cost?

$375.00 to get all of the limbs off of our roof and give the tree an all over trim (sounds like a hair appointment!). This estimate was by far the most reasonable and within our budget so I did a five-oh and Booked’em Dano (I’ve always wanted to say that)!

Had I wanted them to haul the limbs out it would have cost $525.00 so it doesn’t hurt to ask about things like that! Because we will do this ourselves we saved $150.00!

I researched three companies and made sure they were bonded, licensed, insured and experienced with tree trimming. This company is all that and Dave who came out and gave me the estimate was extremely nice and courteous.

I’m also going to feature a service that is free (love that word) that pointed me to All Tree care, Inc. I’ll definitely be using it again!

So, I will be posting before, during and after pictures during the entire project.

So, I’m skippin’ to my Lou over this estimate!


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