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Wha t happened to Margaritaville Friday?

October 6, 2009

I’ve had several of my Margarita firends ask me what happened to Margaritaville Friday.

Well, I have the crud again! It started on Wednesday night as a stuffy nose and went full-blown overnight. I went to work Thursday but I was MISERABLE and decided I could be more comfortable and MISERABLE at home so I stayed home Friday and Monday and nursed the crud! I figure it is better to hack and cough in the comfort of my home rather than where all my co-workers can hear me. It sounds like I’m taking my last breath when I cough. I’m back to taking my breathing treatments every 4 hours because the crud triggered another round of bronchitis and asthma! I’m also on a steroid inhaler – ugh!

In addition, on Saturday, Margies great Stallion, Impressive Pisces, broke his leg and had to be euthanized. Margie raised Pi from a baby and when he was laid to rest he was 24 years old. Margie had Pi’s Momma for almost 30 years so this relationship spanned almost 50+ years with Pi and his momma.

Joey, another Stallion that Margie has was practically raised by Pi and he was trying to get Pi to get up so we had to put him up – it was heart wrenching to hear Joey scream for Pi. Where Joey’s stall is he can see into the arena where Pi was down – he saw everything, even when we had to move Pi after he had passed. His eyes told it all – he was devastated. Margie was worried that he would not have a buddy to be turned out with and I offered to see if Cody would work. I knew in my heart it would because – Cody is Pi’s son. We turned them out last night and after a couple minutes of horsin’ around they began to eat like they had always been together.

SOOOOOO, Margaritaville was sadly overlooked and I promise will be back this Friday – I will need it for sure!


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