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Feed the Bear!

October 23, 2009

That you will always get into the car with your husband (who is running late getting off work), who has not had supper yet, and have to drive to a location that you have never been to before, in the dark, while raining and you haven’t taken your tranquilizer.

Yep, happened to me last night! I was in a humorous speech contest (can you find the irony in this one?) yesterday and it was being held somewhere that we had never been before and I hope to never return to again! The speech contest was fun and although I did not place in our Club’s Division I did have fun which is what it is all about.

Bear suffers from LBSCBDO disorder and has for quite a few years. I have learned to avoid this disorder by making sure the Bear is fed every few hours to keep him happy.

Well, it was not in the stars last night, I needed my tranquilizer as much as he needed his food! LBSCBDO disorder is one of the most debilitating disorders to suffer from or have to live with a loved one who suffers from it. Your mind can only think of one thing and nothing else and it is exacerbated when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle and other drivers are in your way (oh the horror!). I believe it is equivalent to a Rage when the Bear is in a full blown LBSCBDO episode. I’m trying to keep my composure in the car, all the while praying that we make it from point A to point B in one piece! To me, when it rains, drivers in the other vehicles begin to suffer from the ID10T disease! I’m also trying to navigate with the directions printed off of mapquest.

Now is when I would have dearly loved to have a GPS with the lady telling when to turn left and how far we have before we turn left and if we make a wrong turn she re-calculates the directions right on the spot and gives us new directions. I am seriously thinking I need to invest in one after the trip I had last night. Good think I had gone to the bathroom before going to pick him up!

What is LBSCBDO disorder you ask? That stands for:

Low Blood Sugar Cranky-Butt Disorder

Yes, it is a terrible disorder that has only one treatment.


Logistically, this is a nightmare for me because I have to make sure that throughout the day he is fed so we can avoid a LBSCBDO episode. You do not want him to have an episode of LBSCBDO because it isn’t a “purty” site. I always try to have something in my purse that will tide the Bear over until we can find somewhere to eat – and PLEASE be sure to pick a restaurant/Diner/Fast Food Joint that has fast as lightening service. The last thing you want to do is be in a food joint when he is having an episode and the service is slow. I always try to pick somewhere that serves bread first! You see, bread of any kind will begin to appease the appetite of the Bear and he begins to turn back into that sweet cuddly Bear Paw I love. The transformation is incredible from the first bite to the last – it’s kind of like watching a Werewolf transform back to a human form. AMAZING.

I am telling you this because if you have seen these episodes in your loved ones or friends then you will understand that they too suffer from LBSCBDO and you will now know understand how to help them through an episode – FEED THEM!

I Love my Bear with all my heart and there isn’t a man out there that can fill a pair of Wranglers like he can – George Strait, sorry, you’re a distant second to my Bear!


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