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Happenings at the Ranch

November 24, 2009

Well, I cancelled the Dumpster – were not ready for it just yet and I would hate to waste money – the bank account is having a celebration and my wallet sighing with relief. We will order it later once we have a few more ducks in a row. We will be doing clean-up but we will use Hellanore for the process.

Duke likes his Kennel! ; ) and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Bear’s work makes me so mad – for a large company, they have some A$$ backward ways of treating their employees. They are going to be closed on Friday and normally they would pay for both days. Well this year, Bear heard that they would be closed on Friday but were not paying the employees. Okay, no problem we’ll use a vacation day to pay for that day! Well, the problem is that they require 48 hours notice for vacation time and they have been denying Bear’s requests right and left and they weren’t going to LET the employees know that Friday would not be paid until Wednesday…..are you following me on where this is going? Well, Bear heard about it last week, confirmed it and submitted his request last Friday. Still haven’t heard. I know what they are doing – they will save money by not having to pay employees for that Friday and not giving them the opportunity to use a vacation day. Second, Bear has 3 days to burn between now and the end of the year or he loses them so he burned one Friday and we are trying to figure out what two days we can do over a weekend to give him a long weekend. They are just so unprofessional and unorganized for being a major distribution warehouse – oh the horror stories he tells me because they are not following logical processes. ’nuff said on that subject!

I got through with a major project at work and I have to admit, it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated – it’s been a long work in progress but I finished it today and I can sigh a little bit but now I must jump over to the next project that will launch on Tuesday next and get the information rounded up and assimilated to the users! Only hope they will read it!

Bear fixed supper last night and I think he created/invented a new recipe for Chicken. He steams our chicken and he usually will make a white gravy with cream of mushroom soup but he was being creative and tried the Cream of chicken soup. I told him had he put a little milk in the soup and whisked it more with a little pepper it would have livened it up a little – it was good but I liked the mushroom gravy better. I think one of the issues with this soup was it was a reduced fat (I hate when I grab the wrong can in the store).

I’m so ready for a Margarita, I just might cheat and get one tonight! I forgot my lunch and had some Chicken Soup – that doesn’t hang with you all day – now I’m hungry, and I won’t be leaving here for another hour!

Have you ever had a song in your head and you just could not shake the darn thing out? Well, it’s there and I’m embarrased to tell you what it is! Nope, wild horses could not drag it from me, NO! I’m not telling – Okay – Does this ring a bell – The hills are a live with the Sound of ……! Yep, in my head. Oh, that reminds me – take a look on my left-hand side bar for a link to our Giveaway – A 50th Anniversary, Special Edition, Original Cast Recording of the Sound of Music CD! It also comes with a free Sing-Along-Guide – I know shameless plug but I had to do it!

Nows the time to start getting your coupons and sales flyers organized and ready – believe me – you will thank me for it later – get to organizing (I need to figure out a way to kick my self in the pants – mine needs organizing too)!

Well, that is what has been going on since last post! What have you been doing, oh one more question.

Does your mind just go go go and the only time you slow down is when you get into a good book, movie or tv show that takes your mind off everything? Bear wonders why I have to have the TV on to go to sleep and I tell him I have to have it on so that I can listen to the noise – if I don’t my mind is flooded with things that need to get done, things I need to worry about, things I shouldn’t worry about and much, much more! Does that happen to you? I promise I won’t tell! Honest!


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