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Happenings at the Ranch

November 28, 2009

Well, we survived Black Friday! We did not do any shopping – can’t – took Charlie (the Lincoln) to the hospital to get a code pulled. Remember my post when I said when the Yellow service engine soon light appears to take your vehicle in immediately? Well, we did and guess what – it’s not good news, not good news at all. Charlie will need a new Transmission to the tune of about $3000-$3500.00! We are working on the financial part right now and hope to hear something tomorrow – Monday latest. I hate those little yellow service engine soon lights. Please pray that we will be able to get this resolved soon. I’m anxious to understand $$ money wise how this will impact our budget I have started. Patience is a virtue – just not one of my virtue’s.

On to my next rant……Smokey Bones….They twittered about a coupon only available on Black Friday for a free appetizer. I thought, great, this will be awesome to use after the movies – we watched Ninja Assassin – blood, more blood, more blood and body parts – it was good but gory. We sat down to order and I told the waiter (who was not very friendly) I had a coupon and that we would like the nachos. He went and placed the order and then came back to state that the coupon would PROBABLY not work because the appetizers were already Half off! I said, why would Smokey Bones advertise this coupon all over twitter and send me an e-mail about it if it wasn’t going to be available at certain times – further, I said the coupon state nothing about not being available during certain times. I told him that this was a form of false advertisement – I was polite until he got snippy and was not very nice. So, I twittered back to Smokey Bones and told them that it wasn’t nice and we probably would not be back for awhile. I was very upset and I’m not sure why other then it had been an extremely stressfull day regarding my car and then this whole Coupon thing with Smokey Bones. It will be a while before we grace their doorstep and hand over our hard earned cash!

We are going to Soulard in the morning to pick up fresh veggies and fruit. We will pick up some carrots and apples for the horses – I have a couple of vendors that saves their less than perfect apples that people won’t buy and I get them discounted for the horses. Miss Kit has got a real attitude lately, she’s so full of enery!

Made the Pineapple Cranberries Minis for Thanksgiving and it was delicious! I was a little skeptical because I do not have much luck with Jell-0 but this time it worked out awesome. Bear didn’t like them – he doesn’t care for Cranberries – but that is okay – more for me! I also made deviled eggs with a new recipe from Kraft – You take a small brick of Cream Cheese, 1 tablespoon of Dijon Mustard (we used a gourmet Dijon that was on clearance) and 1 teaspoon of mayonaise along with the yokes. It was delicious and Bear even said they were really good and that he wanted me to make them again for Christmas. I also made his cheese ball with is so easy but will get rave reviews. Here is the recipe:

2 small bricks of Cream Cheese (can use fat free or one of each)
1 bunch of Green onions – cut them up into the green section.
1 jar of Dried Beef – cut into small sections all the beef.
1 small jar of diced pimentos – drain the liquid
1 small jar of diced olives

Mix them all together – I use a fork and sit on the couch and watch TV because it will take you sometime to get it thoroughly mixed. When you think it is mixed – mix it some more. Cover it and put it in the refrigerator and let it marinate. The longer it sits the better it tastes! Grab some ritz crackers and enjoy! Bear won’t even share this with anyone – he hides it in the refrigerator.

About the 1st of November as I was talking to our neighbor an older gentleman walked up and asked if we could spare some food – seems he had been mugged and they took his groceries and the last $60.00 he had until he got his SSN check. I went shopping at Casa Thornton and gave him 2 boxes of instant potatos, 4 cans of soup, 4 vegetables, 3 cans of tuna, shampoo, conditioner, toothepaste, two tooth brushes, deoderant. My neighbor who is on unemployment gave him $20.00! He was so grateful. Well this morning he showed back up and asked my husband if we could spare some coffee and laundry detergent to get him and his wife by until he gets paid. We gave them the coffee and laundry detergent. He told Bear that he had asked a lady and she went and got her husband who slammed the door in his face! I felt sorry for the people who slammed the door in his face – I hope that they are not put into a position where they have to ask for help and have a door slammed in their face.

Well, that is all for now – Bear is giving me the stinky eye and it ready to head off to bed – it’s been a fairly stressfull two days.

Take care and have a safe weekend – I received a bloggy award from a fellow blogger and will post about it tomorrow!


One Response to Happenings at the Ranch

  1. A.Marie on November 29, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    How awful for that older gentlemen! May God Bless You for helping them out.

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