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What would you do?

November 2, 2009

I am going to set the scene for you.

It is late (about midnight), dark, and all the actual tricker treaters are already in Sugar candy coma’s tucked away in their own beds. No one in their right mind, up to any good would be out this late at night.

Bear and I are used to hearing children of various ages, unsupervised, running wild up and down the street at all hours of the night hollering and screaming. All of a sudden, our nice peaceful evening was interrupted by this:


What would you do? Well, James jumps up and with me and Wyatt right behind him and head out the door. He hits the gate before I do, just in time to see a strange van with no tags drive away – he heads down to the corner to get the vans direction of travel as I dial 911. All the while the young woman screaming, crying out of control. I told her she was going to have to settle down so that I can give a description of the man and van to the police. I gave them the information they were asking for and then waited with the young woman, Lucy, until the police arrived. The one thing I noticed was that her story kept changing off and on as to where she was when she got picked up – he first pointed a gun and made her get in and then he offered her a ride and then when she got in he pointed the gun.

She then told us that as she was waiting for the bus, he pulled up and pointed a gun at her and told her to get in. She complied and then he drove to RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE and I won’t tell you what happened after that but I think you get the idea. She found a moment to get out and she did and that is when she started screaming for help.

Now, when the police arrive they received a different story than what she told us – she was waiting at the bus stop and he drove by and offered her a ride and she got in the vehicle.

The Police run her information and guess what? She has been busted on not once, twice, thrice but several times for possession of Crack and prostitution. Now, here’s the real issue – she has tried this type of emergency before when she has offered something for something but didn’t get that something so she cries wolf. I’m not saying that this happened but I can’t help but wonder what truly happened since her story has changed more than once and she refused to go to the hospital! I kept telling her she needed to go to the hospital so they could collect the evidence so if they did happen to find this guy he would be charged but she refused when the police asked her if she wanted to go.

What would you do? What do you think? I would be extremely upset to find out that this is a cry of Wolf when there are women out there that are being abused and they fall through the cracks. Someone needs attention they need to figure out some other way of doing it than crying wolf. However, if it was not a cry for attention but a true cry for help – how can you believe it if the past method of operation is to cry wolf?

So, I’ll ask again, what would you do? AND – How was your Halloween?


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