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Happenings at the Ranch….

December 20, 2009

It has been awhile since I posted about the happenings at the Ranch……I’ve been so broken hearted over Wyatt passing that I just haven’t felt up to being upbeat. This is a normal process for people who have canine/equine or any animal family member. I believe the hardest part was that we had our Wyatt time Monday morning and then when I got home Monday after work and Wyatt had passed it was hard to comprehend. We all believe our animals will somehow live forever and deep down we know they will not. A fellow K9 handler left me with a quote that I has really helped:

“Don’t cry because it is over; smile because it happened”

I feel very priviledged that the Lord chose me to be Wyatt’s caretaker here! I smile because I have such wonderful memories of Wyatt and the stories I can tell. Like when we drove 9 hours to Alabama for a week of training and I arrived at night and had to pitch the tent in the dark and Wyatt letting out a low gutteral growl and me with only a headlamp for light trying to look through the woods to see what he was growling at and about ready to just put us both back in the truck to sleep for the night! And it gets cold in Alabama so Wyatt and I are huddling in our tent together to stay warm. Or him diving into the lake because we were not getting to the scent fast enough for him so he decides to swim to it and we are like 100 yards off the Shore! Oh, the stories I can tell and I smile at everyone of them. Especially the one where Wyatt made a connection with a blind autistic child at PetsMart. He allowed this child to hold his face and sing to him and he never moved….just sat right there like a statue – the parents were astonished as the little boy was not sure of dogs….Wyatt helped him to overcome a bit of that unsure feeling.

The horses are doing great – we got them squared away for food and hay and that is such a comforting feeling to be able to have in the barn. Last Satureday we picked up our grain mix at Handy Feed – He gave me a Horse Calendar and a Farmers Almanac – I love to go to Handy Feed! We then went to Rural King, I wanted to get some Beet Pulp for the horses and it was cheaper at Rural King. When we arrived there was a sign that said: Tax Free Day – Saturday & Sunday! Well now, we just couldn’t pass up checking out this added bonus! We found Bear a nice Sweathirt type Jacket with a hood for 35%0ff the sale price of 10.00! We then went to pick up the beet pulp and lo’ and behold what did we find but 5 50lb bags of beet pulp pellets with OOPS tags on them of $5.00 off each bag. The only OOPs we could find were two of the bags had small rips in them – Well, we loaded up all five bags which with the discount were $5.00 each! In addition, we picked up two bags of their alfalfa cubes (great for treats) and one of these bags had another OOPs tag – small rip ( I love their OOPs tag items) so we got $2.00 off that bag. We also picked up the kids some Pigs ears (I’ll have to go back and get them some more for Christmas). It’s been rather cold here, and Banks is up to being a little terror at feeding time. He has all the others bluffed – it’s amazing, he won’t share his grain but once he has his grain, he will share hay with Pete! It’s pretty funny but an interesting part of the herd dynamic. He will sometimes share with Cody who is low man on the totem pole. Cody has had quite the attitude adjustment since his procedure and is filling out quite nicely. I believe he will be about the size of Pete when he is finished growing. Zeke, he is just Zeke – easy going, loves his carrots but not apples. All the boys love their carrots and look forward to them on the weekends. I’m getting them a bag of carrots, apples and peppermints for Christmas. All the kids love the peppermints, especially Banks. He can hear the crinkle of the wrap from a mile away and to watch him crunch one and then close his eyes like he is savoring every last bit of taste makes my heart feel good. JT is still the punk of the family and does everything he can to keep that title. He has now learned to flip his bucket of bicarbonate up and over so we have to figure out another way of keeping this out for him. Luke looks like a big ole wooly mammoth with his winter coat. If winter is indicative of his coat we are in for bitter cold! He loves his meals and will let you know he is wanting fed….he sounds like a harley. I’m going to video tape it and put it up next weekend because it is just hilarious. Kit, what can I say but the Queen is being Queenish. I gave her a flake of hay that was a bit dusty so she grabs a huge piece of it and plops it in her water bucket to rinse before eating. It is funny to watch her as she does this and chews. Foxy is gettin heavy with foal – due in March/April – and looking good. She is gained so much weight since we brought her to the farm. I only wished we could have saved little Dino but he was so far gone when we got him. He and Wyatt are up there just playing and having a good ole time with Charlie watching over them.

Our canine family is still looking for Wyatt I think, as they go around the yard and look in the front door. Thor is the patriarch of the family and he sometimes will get after Duke for being a Punk – it’s funny to watch because he grabs Duke by the nose (not hard) but will hold him till Duke settles and submits. You go Thor man – put that boy in his place! So far Duke has stayed in the Kennel, I think that last adventure of his scared him a bit. He is so cute, he loves to sit on your feet and have you rub his chest and when you do he grabs your arm like he doesn’t want to let you go. I just love his cute little face! Nikita is being Nikita (Queen of the canine realm) and keeping “her boys” in their place. She insists that there will be NO fratinizing with the neighbors two dogs. She does not like Claire and the feeling is mutual. She will tolerate Goober who is best buds with Duke but Claire is totally different. If looks could kill, both dogs would not make it through a stare down! Claire has this bark that sounds like it is amplified ten times it is so deep and loud. We are going to get them Pig ears for Christmas – they Love them – don’t last very long but they love them.

I went to Old Navy with Margie yesterday morning – we arrived at 9:30 am and found the socks were still available but the sweatshirts were well picked over. I can’t wear their sweatshirtsg unless I get the men’s size – they seem to be sized for little people and I’m 6’0 and big boned – we will leave it at that. I got my five pair of socks and I had this 30% coupon to use so I found
Bear these niced heavy ribbed t-shirts with long sleeves so I got him one. Bear worked Saturday till noon, so when he got off work we went back to get a couple more of the shirts and see if they had anymore socks left (they had one basked of the yellow) which they did so I got 5 and Bear picked up 5 more. Now I’m set for comfy socks at home and some extra little gifts.

Last week went pretty quickly, everyone at work is trying to get 3 months worth of stuff done in one month! I’m thankful for having a job but sometimes it gets so hectic and I get so far behind I think I’m ahead. I’m thinking of taking a week in January after everything is said and done to try and get some things done at the house. As it is now, Bear is working alot of OT (God Bless his heart) and by the time we get home all we want to do is go to bed. I worked from Home a couple of days and got more done in those 2 days than I ever could at work – no interruptions! I’m digressing here – Bear got a new job and it looks like more OT for awhile for him which he likes because he says more Hay and grain money!

I picked up Charlie the Lincoln on Friday evening. I am so glad to have her back! Not only to save fuel but to have two vehicles is wonderful. Now, I can help out more at the barn or get home at a decent hour to have dinner ready for Bear on the days I don’t go to the barn. In cold weather there is really no sense in me coming out while it is getting dark earlier. I’ve been paying someone to help by cleaning stalls twice a week for us which saves Bear time, gives the horses time out of their stalls during the day and helps with keeping the stalls cleaner and drier. It has been working out – I have to think of how much our time is worth and this expense is worth more than what I am paying. I’ve given 3 lessons to a little girl who bought a nice horse from Margie and I think they are going to purchase one of my saddles. I also think they will be keeping the horse another Month at Margies for additional riding lessons which will be great – Margie likes the riding lessons because I give her some for letting me do them. We both benefit from the lessons.

Bear and I have decided that our Christmas dinner will not be the traditional dinner. He wants his cheeseball of course but he has requested my Cheese enchiladas, cheese dip with tortilla chips. I am going to make two cheese balls so I can take one to work – I think they will like it at work. I’ve almost finished with Margie’s Christmas Present – I sure hope she likes it. I’m making her a book about her beloved Pi-man and his mama. Her relationship with these two horses lasted 50+ years as she had his Mama till she was 29 and Pi was 25 when he passed. Margie is a good friend that has become part of our family.

Well, that is what is goin’ on so far at the Ranch. I still miss Wyatt so much it still hurts but I’m now able to share stories about him without totally losing it.


2 Responses to Happenings at the Ranch….

  1. Walking on Sunshine... on December 21, 2009 at 3:14 am

    Glad you were able to find the socks. I also find their sizes run small! Or that's what I tell myself! Enjoy your week!

  2. Deb ~ Frugal Living And Having Fun on December 21, 2009 at 5:21 am

    Nancy, You are so special!


    Deb @ Frugal Living And Having Fun!!

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