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Happenings at the Ranch……Post Weekend edition.

December 8, 2009

Happenings at the Ranch……

Well this weekend was a bust – Bear volunteered for 2 twelve hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday (6-6). God Love him, he was so tired both those days and I was so sick that all we did when we got home was take a shower and go to bed. We did not get anything done at the house we wanted to do nor the barn. I have the crud, Yuk Yuk, stuff again and it was all I could do to feed and get one stall cleaned. I paid Margie’s son $5.00/stall to clean the other two while I figured out how to get water to the boys in the pasture as they were down to ¼ tank. The faucet we normally use was frozen so I ended up having to stretch about 200 feet of hose to fill their tank. Then to drain all 200 feet and roll it up so it won’t freeze and someone else can’t use it. It’s full as of Sunday Evening and Bear is checking it tonight.

Wyatt is sick, and I mean sick. I’ve got a call in to the vet to get an appointment and I am praying it is a bug that will pass. He is not wanting to eat and this morning I know he was throwing up outside. I’m giving him some chicken broth tonight to see if that won’t help until I can get him to the vet. He is my baby and this is just tearing me up that he is not feeling good….this time I’m worried.

I haven’t heard on my Car – I’m giving them until Wednesday and then I’m calling to get a status update. I’ve got the money for the down payment tucked away and it will be a lean December for us but we have to get her fixed.

We have to get hay this weekend coming up and grain – that reminds me, I need to call the grainery and order more feed. I have one Purina Feed coupon left that I need to use and then I will get 2 extra bags for Free with the buy 8 get 2 free coupon. In addition I have a mail in rebate that will get me a $15.00 check! I need to check out the Purina Site to see if they have anything else I can do for points!

Oh, by the way, did you know that if you call Purina at 1800-551-7392 and request coupons they will send you some AND, you can re-request every month? Yep, I called and got the skinny right from their CSR department and it worked! Whatcha waitin’ on-dial that number and GIT U SOME! Sorry, my inner Redneck girl came out!

Margie and I ate lunch on Saturday at a new place she has wanted to try called Raminelli’s and it was very good. I was sick so I couldn’t eat all of the chicken (1/2 fried chicken) I ate a wing and the leg so I took the rest home to Bear. It was very reasonable and if you go out to their website you can get a $5.00 off coupon.

I got some more Coke Reward coupons in the mail and ordered some more. I have to redeem them soon or they will expire. I got a neat envelope from VocalPoint with coupons for DelMonte fruit in a Jar – I’m going to look for them and use them when they go on sale – I’ll bring them to work to put in my refrigerator here and use them for a snack.

JT got a case of gas (colic) on me Saturday – he just didn’t act right and when I brought him in from turnout and put him in his stall he immediately laid down. Great, now I have to give him a shot of Banamine, which he took like a champ. I walked him for about 15 minutes to let the Banamine start to get on board and about 20 minutes later he was nibbling his hay. I brought him a bucket with Bicarbonate in it and he took two mouthfuls of it which tells me he has an upset stomach so I hung the bucket in his stall. I watched him for another 30 minutes and all seemed better so I left to go look at a horse with Margie and to eat. When we got back he was again laying down in his stall and it seems he was still not feeling well. I was going to give him a shot, decided to see if Gene would give it in the vein (I have got to learn how to do this). Gene comes out and gives him the shot in the vein which gets to working faster in their system. I went to pick Bear up and then we came back to the barn to double check on the little punk and he was just like – “What’s all the fuss about?”. Next morning he is looking for his grain which I did not give him I only hayed him and gave him a dose of Probiotic and then he got half rations that night. I tell you, my heart and nerves can’t take much more!

I did go and get some treats from Target for the dogs since I had some good MFG coupons and Target coupons to stack on Sunday. I made it to CVS to roll a $10.00 ECB into another $10.00 ECB with no out of pocket since I put the balance on my gift card that I received earlier this year for a script transfer. I got a couple of the Nexxus Mouse bottles – which will last me like FOREVER so it was a good investment.

Received a 25% off coupon to Autozone in the mail for windshield wipers, Bear and I were just talking about getting new ones for the truck – so there’s my sign, I think I’ll use it! I also need to pick up Lucas fuel treatment, gas treatment, and transmission treatment. This is the best additives that you can get for your vehicle. I get the big bottle of fuel treatment for each vehicle (They even have a treatment for diesel engines). In cold weather we have our vehicles oil changed at Valvoline (get the coupons from the Entertainment book) and then we add the oil bottle after it has been replaced.

Have you serviced and winterized your vehicles yet? Got your emergency kit all set in your car? Blanket, kitty litter, extra pair of gloves, socks, Coffee (large metal) can with small amount of sand in bottom and small candle with matches (you can use this to keep yourself warm in your car so you don’t run your battery or fuel out – in case you are stuck), jumper cables, flashlight w/good batteries, flares, Distress flag (tie it to your antenna), bottled water, small packages of snacks, small tool kit – anyone think of anything else, I need to update ours from summer to winter. Make sure you check your radiator fluid and make sure you are set for the freezing weather.

Well, that’s about it for the Ranch right now……I’m sure more will pop-up before Thursday’s edition!

Hey, if your in the Midwest – Stay warm and hope the weather does not impact you too much!


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