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Santa visited Maestro – he was a good boy!

December 26, 2009

Santa visited all the kids – the horses received a big bag of carrots and peppermints and the doggies all got pig ears which is a luxury for them. Maestro must have been extra good because Santa left him a pig ear and a new Blankie. He loves his new Blankie.
Here is Maestro snug as a bug in a rug – isn’t that so precious?

Here he is looking for his Pig ear that he had buried under his blankie and now he is
looking for it – Don’t let that precious face fool ya, he is so full of himself!

Oh look, he found his Pig ear – He sat there for about 5 minutes just holding it before he
laid down and started gnawing on it – he doesn’t have any teeth in front of his canines top or bottom so it takes awhile for him to get through one but it helps him to keep the teeth he does have!


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