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Eating from the Pantry Challenge

January 3, 2010

Money Saving Mom and Life As Mom are both hosting a challenge for the month of January titled, “Eat From The Pantry Challenge“!

This is just what I needed to kick my you know what into action!

We have needed to work through our stockpile and rotate it around so that we are not throwing things out – the horror!

Now, I’m settin’ some rules so that it isn’t so strict that we fail right off the bat!

Here are my rules for the month of January.

1. No eating out (unless we have a giftcard, coupon that is expiring and it is a good coupon or something related to business).
2. I reserve the right to purchase stockpiles should an item be at an unbelievable low price or Free!
3. Grocery store purchases will be reserved for fruits,veggies, Milk, Eggs, and bread. I know we are low on hamburger and Chicken so I will have to purchase this but nothing else.

The extra money we have saved will go right into savings towards our new roof!

I’ll keep a weekly post regarding how successful or challenging it was for that week.

Who knows, I may even come up with some new recipes to try – like the one over Christmas that was a HUGE hit. I wasn’t feeling up to really cooking and neither was Bear. I cooked up a pot of egg noodles and set them aside while I cooked the sauce. I took two cans of cream of chicken soup (I’m going to try cream of chicken & Mushroom next time) and poured in about the same amount of milk (you can adjust depending on your taste) and then whisked this really good until it was all incorporated and smooth. I then add a piece of left-over chicken breast from the day before (I cut it into small chunks) and the noodles. I heated everything back up and talk about YUM. I also added a small can of crescent rolls to go with it – Bear ate two bowls!

This challenge should see everyone getting more creative. Because we work outside the home, I’ll be looking for ways to make it easy and quick through the week.

Are you up for this Challenge? Tell me how you eat from your Pantry and save, I’m always looking for good suggestions!


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