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Okay Doc, Surgery it is…….

January 19, 2010

I had a nice informative meeting with my Orthopaedic surgeon today. He showed me the MRI and the good news is my ligaments are nice and tight. Bad news is I have several bone spurs that are making my joint very angry.

I will be having Surgery within the next two weeks to clean out my knee which should make it feel better. Riding horses has been painful the last two years and this is the reason why.

I will be so happy to be able to bend and straighten my knee without it sounding like a rifle crack and the pain that follows has brought me to my knees at times and made me sick to my stomach.

I have a fairly high tolerance for pain – I broke my pelvis on a Saturday and was at work on Monday (in ALOT OF PAIN) but after awhile it can sure start to wear and grate on you. I’m tired of having a good day and spending time with the horses and doing things and then have to ice my knee and such for the next week trying to calm it back down.

Am I excited about the aspect of surgery, no, am I excited about post-op – YOU BET, bring it on, I’m ready to get back in shape and start working with my horses even more!

I’ll give details of when and how long I’ll be out later but that is what I found out today.


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