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Plans for today at the Ranch

January 23, 2010

I have a riding lesson with a young rider this morning with her horse and then we will be headed to the bookstore for some relaxation.

This has been the longest week and 5:00 mornings are a KILLER!

I plan on making Bear do the Pepsi Deal at Walgreens with me-shhh don’t tell him! I want to get enough to get the $10.00 Coors Rebate since I don’t want to buy the beer for the $15.00 rebate.

I’m also going to do the SC Johnson promotion to get the $15.00 in rebates ($5.00 for each, can sumbit 3 separate). I have my coupons and my Target gift cards so this should be minimal OOP.

It has rained here all week making it muddy muddy muddy at the barn which totally bums me out because I can’t ride or work my horses. But, I’ll work with stretching exercises doing Carrot stretches with Luke and Kit. Kit is a pretzel but Luke is like me – tight and things don’t stretch like they should. But here soon things will be turning around after I have my surgery.

Well, Bear is givin’ me the “stink eye” – he wants to go to Soulard (I want to go too) and pick up more of his pineapple jam and we need some vegetables.

See ya later today when I will work on deals for this week!


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