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Happenings at the Ranch

February 20, 2010

I’m getting around better today than the last 3 days. I’m able to finally “walk” without assistance. One thing I do know…..toilets are set very low to the ground!

I love my Bear! He has been so good making sure everything is within reach and that I am getting up and moving around. Keeping the cryo-cuff full of ice cold water, making sure I take my medicine, and just being there.
The surgery went well, I had a plica resection, a little work done on my knee cap to get a better seat, shaved several bone spurs (more than they had anticipated), and a bone chip floating around. Doc told me I would be sore on the outside and inside because of the work he had to do but that the knee is in good shape now. I head to get my stitches out on Tuesday and Therapy the same day. I know it can’t be any worse than the day they pulled that drain out on Wednesday! I know that I slept most of the day on Wednesday and Thursday which probably was a good thing. Friday, I was more awake and worked on my shrugs and trying to walk without assistances. I have to remember to shrug and hold when I walk. Looking forward to Therapy and getting back to working out and losing weight. I know that last night I was so happy to get the bulky bandage off my knee and put the bandaides on – my leg is so dry and itchy – like having a darn cast on!

I joined the Biggest Loser contest at work – we had a weigh in at work and although I will not divulge this information, I will divulge every two weeks what my % of weight loss is as this is what we are tracked against for the winner. There will be one female and one male winner and I am really hoping that that person will be me. I’m truly motivated to lose weight and get in shape for competition with the horses this year. We weighed in February 13th and I had surgery February 16th so I’m a little behind everyone else but that is okay, I’ll catch them! Bear is talking about the dinner’s and what we can do so that he can participate in the meal plan.

I do know that we will be getting our lower roof fixed with my bonus and I believe we will have enough to put some in savings, and purchase the Wii and the weight loss activity programs which will help to burn more working out two times per day.

We are also concentrating on organizing the house and we purchased two 4-drawer roll-arounds to store underwear, socks, and t-shirts. I’m saving for one more 5-drawer for office supplies and computer supplies. Tonight we are going to re-arrange the pantry and make a grocery list with coupons so that we can re-stock.

Oh, I’ve received a rebate check – it is the first $15.00 rebate for the Oil of Olay regenerist deal! You can read more about my rebate tracking here. I’ll put this in our savings account for horses.

Oh, I have to tell you what Luke did on Sunday – just made my day! We were coming into the barn for evening feed – it has just been so muddy and wet but that day it was nice enough to put them out and David had put them out while cleaning their stalls. I walked out to the arena where Luke and JT were turned out and Luke and gone through the gate to the backside of the arena into another turnout area. I walked up by the water spigot to turn it on for Bear and Luke hollered at me. I told him, well come on over, and he did a nice little roll back and loped through the gate and right over to me! I just love that boy he is so nice – someone has abused him as he will have flashbacks if you move the wrong way but they are slowly getting few and far between. Kit is in love the the boy too – normally she just tolerates her “boys” but this one she will nuzzle and wants to be around which I like because it will make it easier to haul them together. I love my girl, she is so funny and has an attitude that is quite enjoyable to watch. That reminds me, I need to get in touch with Joe to see if what we can do to put a ramp on the trailer for easier loading and unloading. The step-up on our trailer is quite high and the step-down is harder since it is so high and I would like to see if the ramp with make it easier for our guys.

I am considering adding a feature to the blog – Ask the Trainer regarding dog training….what do you think? I would love to hear more from my readers and if they are having issues with one of the canine family members I would love to help them out. I am a positive reinforcement trainer but I do correct if needed. What I do not do is hit or jerk or train by intimidation – I would love to do this but would like to know if this would be something that my readers would like to read about. Please let me know if this would be of interest to you. I will also be logging Duke’s training when we start in mid-April. You’ll be able to see him go from a wild child into a very focused working partner. It took me three years to get Wyatt to a high level and then continuing training to keep him there – just like Humans, dogs never cease to keep learning. So, please leave me a comment if you would like to see a section regarding training each week.

I can’t wait to start riding, Doc said that I have no restrictions but should wait about 3 weeks before attempting. He did say I could give riding lessons and working the horses in the round pen getting them ready. I plan to start that not this coming week but next week – Doc told me to not be on it for an extended period of time. I’m hoping to be able to go back to work by March 1st when I meet with Dr. Kieffer for my 2nd post op visit.
Hey, don’t forget to let me know about the Ask the Trainer section!

5 Responses to Happenings at the Ranch

  1. momma-lana on February 20, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    We don't have any dogs because our oldest son is very allergic to them and we don't want him to stay away because our little grandsons arrive with him. BUT a friend really needs help with dog training and I would direct her to your blog for the help she needs. She has a high strung yellow lab who is full grown but still a puppy.

  2. Marilyn's Money on February 21, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Nancy so glad you are healing and doing well. I had a margarita for ya yesterday girlie. As for the dog training, ah hem how do I say this Chloe is perfect!

  3. Julia on February 21, 2010 at 5:04 am

    As the Mom to 3 dogs (one of which is totally bossy and "beats" up on the cats – of course she is the smallest dog – smaller than than the cats) I would love to read a section on dog training!

  4. SonyaAnn on February 21, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    You poor, poor baby! It looks terribly swollen! But at least it is taken care of. Get through this pain and then you should be on the upswing. At least, that is what I told Anna when she had her wisdom teeth out.
    And it is wonderful that you are being taken care of so well. You have a wonderful husband.
    I would love to read about any helpful hints that you have for dogs. Jessie is 11 so I don't think she needs much help but I would love to read about it!
    Take care!

  5. Lori on February 22, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Hi Nance! So sorry to hear about your knee; although, it sounds like the procedure went beautifully since you don't have any restrictions. I'm sure you'll be up & around like normal in no time, just be patient as you don't want to injure yourself while you recover. Oh, the idea of "Ask the Trainer" is great. We currently do not have any canine family members (my youngest is not ready for one right now), but I do have neighbors that would be interested!

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