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Happenings at the Ranch…..

February 28, 2010

Well, I did a modified happy dance all the way down the hall after our weigh-in today for the Biggest Loser contest – I’m officially down 8.4lbs in two weeks – can I get a HECK YEAH!

The jiggle is slowly leaving the wiggle!

I also received my two SC Johnson Rebates for $5.00 each – you can read about my Rebates here.

We went to pick up Feed today – this is the first day I have been out all day on my knee and although I got tired and my knee is a little swollen – I survived. I think I’m still pretty stoked with the weight loss thing too!

We will be going to get hay tomorrow and meeting our Son and his family for a late lunch at Cracker Barrel. Bear is excited to see Autumn our Granddaughter.

We did get to the book store for a short period of time – I have been wanting an iced green tea and boy was it good. I think not having one for almost two weeks makes them taste even better.

I cooked beans for dinner yesterday and that is what we will be having tomorrow evening for dinner as left-overs – our meal plan got a little switch-a-roo’d but that’s okay. I’m hoping to have my coupon book up to date so we can get to the grocery store with a plan of action in hand rather than flying by the seat of our pants!

I’m meeting a friend on Monday to pick up some used tack that I bought from them – I love spring cleaning cause everyone is selling what they don’t need and they have good prices – I need to post mine on Facebook to see if anyone wants any of mine.

Monday is the Grand opening of a Rural King close to the barn – Can I get a WOO HOO! I love Rural King and their “OOPs” bags. You can read about my latest OOPs cash in here.

We need to pick up some more dog food and I have to use Thor’s birthday card from PetsMart before it expires. I’ll pick up a treat that is Thor’s favorite but he has to share with the others. They really love the marro-bones treats – crunchy on the outside – chewy on the inside. I think I have a couple of coupons which I can stack on top as well.

We are going to work on the house next week so I’ve got to get a couple of new trash cans and more trash bags. We are going to move the dead tree limbs and get them cut up and stacked from the tree being trimmed along with some other outside items that need to be removed. We can use the truck and then take it down to the city dump and it is free – all residents get one free dump a month. If you time it right and do it at the end of the month then you could get two pretty close together but we will only need one truckload. The rest will go in the dumpster out back. I’m taking all the newspapers to the humane society and several bags of shredded material.

Well, that is about it – Bear’s givin’ me the stink eye – he’s ready to go to bed – funny how I have to go to bed with him but if he’s not ready and I am it’s okay for me to go without him. Is that strange or what?


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