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Happenings at the Ranch……

March 9, 2010

I told Bear this evening that if we kept delaying grocery shopping, we would have enough free coupons to not have to pay! LOL!

Our little man left a note Saturday with a grocery list – tomato soup, evaporated milk, stewed tomatos. So, Bear and I got back in the car and went to the grocery store and bought them about 2 weeks worth of groceries. Last night, guess what we had on our door? Another note with more items that he had left off the first note! Toilet paper, PineSol, and Ice Cream! We don’t even get Ice Cream! Well, I was feeling pretty low and a little like we were being taken advantage of and guess who knocks on the door today? Yep, Henry! I gave him a bottle of Amonia and 2 rolls of tp which is all we could spare. He was happy with what I offered. I hope we are not being taken advantage of – only time will tell.

My knee is so sore and my calf muscle is sore now. I am going to back off to just doing my therapy exercised once a day instead of two to see if this settles the knee down. I practically live with it up and Iced – I am now referring to my right knee as the Frozen Tundra! I am so stir crazy I can’t see straight.

Looks like we will be having rain for the next four days straight! UGH & Yuck in the same sentence! We are looking at building a lean to in the boys turn-out so that we don’t have to stall them in inclement weather unless it is totally nasty.

I’m going to make some Jell-o tomorrow – I can’t get enough of Jell-o if it is made right. I like the Sugar-free kind – 0 cals and no fat!

I go to the dermatologist tomorrow – I have a mole that is not behaving and I need to get it looked at and hopefully removed with a couple of others!

We went to Rural King on Saturday and found Bear 4 pair of barn jeans for wait for it, wait for it…..$3.99 each and they fit nice and look nice! We went to Old Navy to check out the clearance racks and found 3 nice western shirts with the pearl snaps reg. 24.50 marked down to 6.49. We had a pleasant surprise when the sign said “50% off already marked down price”! All three shirts for $3.24 each! Bear also found a nice hoodie jacket in a pretty dark brown that was regular 24.50 marked down to 12.25 and we got it for 50% off that lowest price.

I had to get a new coupon binder – my re-used Mary Kay notebook (Hi Sue) zipper gave up on me! I was so upset – I tried and tried to fix the zipper but could not get it to work. I am now all caught up on my coupon filing, printing, and purging. I can’t wait to utilize our free coupons that I have received in the mail!

Well, once again, Bear is givin’ me the stink eye – he wants to go to bed. Catch you all tomorrow!


One Response to Happenings at the Ranch……

  1. Walking on Sunshine... on March 9, 2010 at 4:05 am

    Seems like a really busy day! I hardly buy ice cream since my hubby is gone. It seems to sit in the freezer just getting old! Glad we've connected on Facebook and even funnier that you know Kelly! It is a small world! Enjoy your day!

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