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Happenings at the Ranch

March 21, 2010

Friday, Bear and I went to the movies for the first time in a long time and thought Bounty Hunter was good, I am reminded of why we don’t go. It took me FOREVER to unwind myself out of the darn airplane seat! We shared a soda and popcorn.

While waiting for the movie to start, Bear went exploring the deserted mall. It’s like a ghost mall all the empty storefronts. I remember when this mall a short 5-6 years ago was booming. Anyway, I digress, he came back and said I needed to see this store around the way. I hobbled to the store (I feel like I hobble with my knee) and I fell in love with the store – it is an ANTIQUE STORE – nothing is new! The lady there was extra nice and had some beautiful Silver turquoise jewelry. Bear bought me a beautiful tear drop sterling silver pendant for my necklace. It has a small turquoise and coral in it. You can see the basic design in the below pictures – it is signed by the artist on the back. I love silver Turquoise jewelry – especially older pieces with Native American designs. He also got me a bear fetish pendant wrapped in the middle with silver which will also fit on this silver necklace. She showed me a beautiful Bear claw ring that she got just that day. I do hope she wants to sell it at some point because I would love to have that ring. I am going to save my money to get two more pieces that she has – they are gorgeous and I know exactly how I will wear them!

We had to pick up two new buckets for the horses at Rural King – I just love that store. They have their Beet pulp on sale for $8.99 which is a real good price, the sale is good for 3/28 so we will go back next week to get a couple of bags. They had some cute baby chicks and ducks. I so wish I had a chicken coop to raise some chickens. Fresh eggs are so good. David at the farm has some chickens, I’m going to start getting our eggs from him. I love the double yolk eggs! We picked up some pig ears for the kids – just found out a nice little tid-bit – the bags that they have with 10 pig ears in them are .60 each but if you put your own in the bag you are charged .79! Last week I forgot to mention the find of a lifetime at Rural King. We were working a fundraiser for our NBHA IL 05 club at the Waterloo Rural King and I happened to be close by the clearance rack. Did I ever mention that I LOVE oversized men’s shirts to wear over a t-shirt? Well, I do and guess what I found? A Men’s wrangler jean shirt for …..wait for it….here it comes…$4.00 – regularly $39.99!! I snagged that puppy up and handed it to Bear to pay for as he was going to go out to the car. I figured out why he wanted to go to the car – he made a detour to McDonald’s and got him an ice cream sundae – I caught him trying to eat the last two bites before I made it to the car.

After leaving Rural King, Bear suggested we go check out East meets West tack shop. They have a nice consignment shop where I’ve picked up some very reasonably priced items. Well, we were not disappointed! I had been wanting to get some Lik-it’s which are like a big lolli-pop for horses. We got 4 Carrot flavored, 2 Electrolyte, and 2 Apple. These are normally about 5.99 – 7.99 each but they were having a sale, 50% off! It’s like buy one get one free and I needed some boredom breakers in the stall. They were getting kind of tired of the corn in the Tide bottle so I thought I would surprise the little monsters with this! Bear says they will last less than two days, I say at least 4 days. We’ll see who wins! I hope they just lick them and not eat them like candy.

Once we left the tack store we stopped and got a bite to eat at Long John Silver’s – we shared a Value meal as I had a $2.00 off coupon – cost of meal – $6.52 – we drank water. We then headed to our normal spot when the weather is ugly – Barnes and Noble for some reading and coupon clipping time! I scoped out to of the overstuffed comfy chairs and after placing our standing order of a Venti Iced Green Tea lightly sweetened and a tall Carmel Frappe with whipped cream (guess who get’s that one and it’s not me!) I scurried over and staked claim to the two chairs! I was able to clip my coupons, organize my grocery list. Target’s coupon mailer has some nice coupons to match up with manufacturer coupons! Looks like the doggies are going to get some good treats this weekend. I love these chairs because I am actually able to get my leg up and I could put my ice bag on it – I feel like a dork having to carry my cryo-cuff around. Anytime I sit I have to put my knee up and iced. It is getting old and I’m surprised that I don’t have freezer burn on my knee!

The weather is turning nasty – I told Oklahoma they could keep the darn snow and rain but did they listen? NOOOOOOOO! As I type, the wind is blowing and whistling – come on, we’ve had enough of this weather, I’m ready for spring-time without the worry of a late spring!

I’m working on my first dog training tip post – very easy one for the puppy or older dog to learn. Stella found a home, although I am broken-hearted and will miss the little booger, I know she will be loved by the young girl who picked her out. Who could not love that little face! There are just two puppies left and they are like night and day – one Aussie I call Jelly Bean because he is getting big and has jelly rolls and one Jack Aussie (Jack Russel/Aussie mix) who is half his size but gives just as good as he gets it from Jelly Bean. I miss the puppies but am glad to be able to walk without tripping over an untied shoe lace! Stay Tuned for dog training tips and I may entertain taking a question and answer type forum soon. She looked just like my little man Duke when he was her age.

Bear and I are fighting over a book that he got at the book store last week (GC) that he told me I could read first since he wasn’t finished with his other book. Guess what? He started the new book and keeps trying to tell me what’s going on in the book and I keep telling him to be quiet, I want to read it myself. I read the first two chapters and it held my attention which is good and it is Book 1 by the author so there should be more books published! This is the author’s first novel and boy did he hit it out of the ball park! The name of the book is The Adamantine Palace by Stephen Deas – if you like books on dragons and such then I highly recommend this book. I just hope Bear finishes it in the near future so I can get my hands on it. Had he let me read it, I would have been done with it already. I’m like the guy on CSI that speed reads – I’m not as fast as he is but I can get through a book very quickly.

Went to Soulard Farmer’s Market today – picked up some Yukon Gold and red new potatos in addition to Carrots, green onions that looked and smelled delish and two tomatos that looked really good! I think I’m going to make a pizza with the ‘maters, onions and some pepperoni!

This is the main entrance to Soulard

This is the main aisle inside Soulard Market – they have four “fingers” of outside vendors – this view is looking straight down the main entry. The store front on the right is where we get our fresh egg sandwiches (our treat for the week) – they are so good! The spice shop is at the other end of the aisle on the left and the Amish meat store is right across from the spice shop. I’m going to get an organic whole chicken next time I go for our Easter dinner! I love to people watch – it is AMAZING not to mention entertaining. Just today I thought I saw Cindy Lauper but it was a teenage girl with pink hair, black tutu skirt and tank top frilly shirt!

Tomorrow we are going to go to a POW WOW at the Cahokia Mounds – I love POW WOW’s!

Well, that is what has happened around here at the ranch. What’s been happening in your neck of the woods?


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