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Happenings at the Ranch…..Guess who’s going red!

March 15, 2010
Well, Bear and I went to a fundraiser last weekend for a friend of ours and they had a silent auction going on – one of the items was a $100.00 GC to a hair salon for a color cut and style.
I put down a bid of $25.00 and guess what? – I WON!
I haven’t told anyone this but I am a closet Red-head! So guess who’s goin red!
I’ve been looking through magazines trying to find the right color – I know it will be dark and RED! My friend Margie wants me to get some highlights. I’m not sure – the last time I got highlights from a hair salon it wasn’t pretty – I had blotches instead of streaks! UGH!
So many choices:

What’s a Cowgirl to do???? Reba Red or Darker? Highlights, no highlights!

Well, ya’ll will have to wait until this weekend to see what my choice will be!

I know, I am not patient either but we’ll have to wait – I haven’t even decided yet!

It has rained on and off for the last week and we are so sick of this rain – it needs to move on out and let it dry out so we can at least enjoy spring with our horses before it gets hotter than haites!

The boys have been inside and are climbing the walls wanting out – I wormed them all yesterday – Luke is such a Punk when it comes to taking his wormer – I have to play a game with him just to get the wormer in his mouth and then he acts like I’m gagging him. Total Drama King! And don’t get me started with Cody, he was like a kid with his mouth clamped tight like a he didn’t want to eat their peas! I wish they were all like Kit – she is such a good little girl! Spoiled but Good.

Foxy hasn’t started to bag up yet – I hope she holds out until it quites raining and dries out a bit. We want a healthy baby but I’m sure hopin’ for a Palomino or a buckskin. But at this point – I want a healthy Mama and baby!

There is a pup out at the barn that is just too cute – she is one of the pups out of a standard Aussie and a miniature Aussie. Tiny Tiny tiny and just a little ball of cuteness. I’ve started to call her Stella – it will break my heart when Margie finds a home for her!

We are recycling our feedbags that we got from Rural King – they are coated so they can handle wet stuff and heavier stuff. We are also going to make another trip to the recycling center with some cans and other recyclables. This money will go into our Chicken account for small needs around the house.

I reduced our NetFlix from 18.99 to 9.00/month – we’ll still be able to watch about 2 a week which is what we were doing – we were just getting them at the same time. Now with that said, I am upping our contribution to our savings account by what we saved by changing our membership. That will give us $120.00 a year – this year it will be $90.00.

I just finished Margies gift – I’m not going to tell what it is until I give it to her – I’m so excited!

We are planning our garden, getting excited about having fresh vegetables. This will be great for both Bear and I as we work to eat healthier. I just ordered with my $20.00 gift card 25 strawberry plants and a couple of blueberry bushes. I can’t wait for those to ship to me!

I just ordered a $25.00 Texas Roadhouse GC from my company for the taste testing program. I can’t wait to go back to the office so I can participate and collect more points to get more of these GC!

Swagbucks is really pulling out all stops on this new facelift – I’m getting quite a bit more for searching and I just ordered another $5.00 Amazon GC – I’m up to $115.00 towards my Mixer! If you would like to sign-up please click here – yes, I get credit and I thank you so much for clicking on my referral link!

Poor Bear, this daylight savings time is hard! We both have a hard hard time with the time adjustment – don’t get me wrong, I love the extra sunlight but losing the hour and trying to work to get it back is tough. He is my rock, I love him so much!

I got another free coupon in the mail from Heluva Good! I think I’ll try the cheese – not sure.

I am waiting for one more free coupon that I know is coming and then we are going grocery shopping. We stopped last night to pick up a few things while I get coupons and sales matched and ready to go. We even have 12 coupons for free bottles of Coke! I told Bear he would be eating and drinking like a King here soon – we are cheap about soda.

Well gotta go – Bear’s home!


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