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Savin’ the Benji’s is a “Good Thing”

March 24, 2010

Remember my deal I outlined in my Walgreens Deals and the Quest for Clunkers rebate?

Well, here is how my deal turned out – I purchased the 20 oz bottle of Quench and received the Olay in-shower body lotion for free. The Quench was $7.99 and I used my two $1.00 off olay coupons which lowered my out of pocket expense to $5.99 (total + tax = $6.52). When we got home I filled out my rebate, addressed my envelope, copied my receipt and rebate, and will mail the rebate off tomorrow. I will get $7.99 back from Oil of Olay for this deal making this a Money Maker of $1.47!

In addition to the above deal, we also had to get dog food so I tried to put together a deal for dogfood and treats. I had a $7.00 coupon for Purina Dog Food (44 lb) and it was on sale for $19.99 (reg. $23.99) and I had completed a Purina Survey which in return for doing the survey I was able to print two coupons for Buy-one Get one FREE (up to $5.00) Purina Treats. Maestro has run out of treats (he only likes certain kind) so I thought I would try and use these two coupons to build back our stockpile. They had the 6 oz Beggin Strips on sale for $3.00 each so I picked up 4 bags. Our total for 4 bags of Purina Beggin Strips and 1 44lb bag of Purina dog chow for $21.57! I call this a win-win!

It feels good when we can keep more money in our pockets and bring home just as many products. It just takes a little time to figure the deals out but I love the feeling.
So, what have you been up to at the store?

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