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Starting a Garden…..Tips for frugal gardening

March 16, 2010

This post is participating in I Am a Money Magnet’s Thrifty Tip Tuesday.

Here is one of the biggest tips that you will get – START SMALL!

Trust me, I know from experience that starting small would have been better and then I could build from it. Start with your favorites first and then add on with things you would like to try.

If you are short on space – think about container gardening. We will be container gardening in addition to our Square Foot raised bed gardens.

Here are a couple of websites that discuss container gardening.

BHG – Container Gardens

Container Gardens

Think about Companion Gardening – this is where you plant vegetables that will do well together such as three sisters – Corn, Squash, pole beans. This will help with space if you are needing the space.

Raised beds are easy to work in and easy to build – Pioneer woman has a pretty good post on building this type of area. This is easy to build and then if you compare it to Square Foot gardening you maximize the garden area. Read more on Raised beds and Square footing here.

Quality seeds are a must – even if you pay a bit more for the seeds it will be well worth it in the long run. Heirloom seeds are better, in my opinion, but get the best seeds that fit your budget.

Fertilizer – if you know a farmer who has livestock – you might be able to get a little composted manure for your garden for next to nothing if not for nothing. Ours is composted for quite a while but is some of the best – we have one guy who picks it up in a trailer!

The big thing to remember is to not get caught up (it’s so easy to do) into planting bigger than you can handle. Remember to start small and grow as you get comfortable!

Good Luck!


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